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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Hello!!! It's so good to talk to you all! I love... reading ............ your words.......haha. So I have to say........ Natalie........ is acvphotocopy of Mom. She has become just a cute little girl haha. So dad, I guess it will be you and me asking if we can go with nat and george to the movies. Hey george...... can we get a ride to the movies? uh....... akward silence. (Insert cricket noises)............................. uh well I guess that would be okay.. HAHA oh gosh.... that's what I get to come home to urggggggg. I wonder if you absolutely love my emails, or if you just think I have gone crazy talking to this here computer box machine. Anyways I wanted to say how much I love you all. Even the ones who don't write very much (cough. natalie, mike, kevin). But seriously if means so much to me to read your emails every week. Some weeks they are absolutely needed that is for sure! This week was one of those challenging weeks, but with great results. We finally got our investigators to church! Well two of them! wI was so grateful to the Lord for helping us get them there. This last week, we went to our investigators house, We offered to give him a blessing, and that went very well. I think it was his first time feeling the spirit super strong. He looked at us and said, I feel so peaceful. We looked at him, and said it's because we are servants of the Lord. He came to church the next sunday, and the message was about the priesthood! A member said he cried a little bit during it. It was so great to see that he is finally progressing jonkin verran. We had another really cool experience. We were leaving the church last pday from doing our email, and we saw this drunk guy staggering down the street. The spirit said to go talk to him, and we did so! We got his address, and set up an appointment for the next day. We drove out to this place in the middle of nowhere and the place didn't exist. We asked some finns if they knew this man, and said he had an alcohol problem, they pointed us right to a building haha. We ran there, and went straight to this one door. This old lady answered, and asked what we wanted, and we said we were here to see our investigator. She let us in, and seppo was asleep in the backroom. She had us go in there! He arouse from his bed and said why are you here? We said the Lord sent us to talk with you! He said go sit down haha. We taught him, and he was pretty critical of God and of us, but I know we were suppose to be there. We were in such a messy home, that was dark. It was filled with smoke, and it smelt bad. However when we said the pray the spirit filled the room, and there was a new light there. It made me so grateful to stand in the place of the Lord, and tell Him what was true. Well mom, I must confess. I'm doing it, I'm going to buy the european suit at dressman. I'm sorry but by the time you read this it will be in my closet haha. It is on sale, and I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. haha It's fabulous (insert hey). Life is going very good. We have really been trying to get the ward involved with the work here. Yesterday in ward council we had a lot of member talking about how they can get involved. We also have been setting dates with members on when they can invite their friends to meet with us. I know that goals are so important, and the Lord can do wonders with us when we set goals to achieve. I feel like I'm trying to write a manuscript to insert in preach my gospel haha. MOVING FORWARD............ We have been finding a lot of people through service as well. These service projects just keep coming and coming! I am so weak, and tired haha. I love the work though! We were in an area, and we came up to this one guy gardening and asked if we could help. He handed us the tool, and elder anderton and I gardened in our suits haha. He also came out and took a picture of me. Kind of akward but, what ever. It is suprising how many people here take pictures of us....... I feel weird talking about it. momma, I want to come home.........vitsi. I can't believe natalie is graduating! I feel like I'm 18 or something getting ready to graduate, well my sense of humor hasn't grown since i was 5, so i guess it isn't shocking that my mindset isn't going anywhere haha. Also by the way mom, I've been out of high school for two years not one haha. Wow 20 years old. Iso askel. I didn't really get to speak any finnish for you, that's a bummer. I guess I'll just finish my email in finnish. Minä kaipaan teitä hyvin paljon, ja minä haluan teidän tietävän että minä olen oikealla paikalla. Toivottavasti te voitte lukea tätä. Just kidding I wont but anyways, I love you all so much, and take care. Elder Perry