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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

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00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30 2012 (215 days)

Hello there! I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY TIRED!! We have been working sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard! It's a good thing. I do love knowing that we are working hard. I can't believe that we are already half way through this change. I talked to President, and he told me to enjoy my time here, because I wont be staying. I don't know what that means haha. Maybe I will become an assistant (serving him juice and unpacking supplies in the office... uh... a little complicated for me......... I will stack paper.) Just kidding! I love serving here! I have been learning so many different things this last change. Including the importance of not caring what people think of me haha. Sometimes we get asked to do things that are just simply against the rules, or against what our leaders have said, and we have to say no. I have also learned the true meaning of the letter of the law, and the spirit of the law. In the white handbook it says that we are first accountable to the Lord, then to our mission president, and then to our companions etc... Sometimes we will be asked to do something that isn't necessarily wrong, but it doesn't feel right either. The Lord will give us an impression that, this particular thing isn't for you at this time. We then turn to our priesthood leader to see what he thinks about it, hoping that if we get approval from him, it should satisfy our feelings. However even if we have approval from him, we need to rely on the Lord to help us make the correct choice. We are first accountable to Him, and when He gives us an impression, we follow it. Sometimes we have to look bad, and be kind of "the bad guy" but in the words of President Rawlings, "We can be nice bad guys haha." However peace only comes from the Prince of Peace, not from our leaders. We have to obey His voice in order to receive true satisfaction from our work. It is so good to hear that everyone is doing well. I think I meant to write Beau like a hundred times, but never got around to it haha! Tell him hi, and that I miss him. Uh weird............ anyways. I know that learning languages is hard mom! But it's so fun........... until you totally don't understand what their saying! I have many hilarious stories about that, and feeling like a goober head! We have really been working so hard with our investigator from Kotka! He is progressing towards baptism! Unfortunately I wont be able to attend I think, but I am so grateful to the Lord that He has reached down and touched his heart. We have been teaching everything, and he has been progressing tremendously. Last Saturday we went over to meet him, and he seemed a little different. He went to his shelf and grabbed his bible and book of mormon, and he didn't understand a certain part. He really struggled with the translation of a specific part. We did everything we could to explain it, and testify about the book of mormon, and Joseph Smith, but he just wouldn't accept our answer. He has received a spiritual conviction that it is true, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet, but He wouldn't let this go. We told him to write down his question and it would be answered in church. To be honest I was frustrated. I thought for sure we would loose him, and I was sad. As I started feeling sorry for myself I decided (later that evening) to read the scriptures as I was praying by my bed. I just flipped through anxiously to hear the Lord speaking to me. (If you want to talk to God, pray. If you want God to talk to you, read your scriptures.) I all of the sudden opened to this one chapter, can't remember which one in the Doctrine and Covenants. I felt the Lord's spirit testify to me that everything would be alright. That my prayers have been heard in the Lords ears, and He would do His part now. I went to bed with a little more peace, and trust in that promise that I had received. The next day, He came to church and we arranged for him to meet with the branch president about his concern. As he walked in there after church, my head dropped, and I prayed so hard, that everything would be okay. (He was considering dropping his baptismal date.) A little bit later he walked out with a big smile on his face. I talked to him, and he said I got an answer, and everything is okay. I feel the spirit, and now I am so happy! I was so grateful to the Lord that He answered my prayer! He is now more excited for baptism than ever! So cool! I testify that if we look closely enough at the scriptures when we read, and we pay attention, the Lord will speak to us every time, one way or another. The Holy Ghost really will help us to understand and to learn what we need to know. Maybe we need to listen and seek to hear the Lord when we pray, more than speaking words in a personal prayer. So many other things have happened! The Smiths gave me a winnie the pooh journal haha. I will be starting it next week haha. I need to be better about writing in my journal haha. whoops! Elder Van Geenen and I are getting along very well. I don't know what it is, but the Lord has blessed me with amazing companions my whole mission. Knocking on wood!!!! I love you family, yes mom, I am safe and healthy, and all of my fingers and toes are attached, well except for the one I lost in the saw mill............................................................ But other than that, I'm doing fine. Chill!!! it was a joke, set the phone down, don't call president! Elder Perry ps, can you get me garrisons address again, I lost it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23,2012 (222 days left)

Hello there family, This week has been especially busy. We had a district meeting on friday, and it was the first time I taught in front of President Rawlings. However I think it went very good. I taught about the power of praise, and how we need to make sure and praise our companions significantly more than we correct them. There are so many stresses in missionary work, and I would say in life. As we as companions focus on praising our companion instead of looking for faults or imperfections, our compies will grow from the love they feel. It was a good district meeting, and interviews were so cool! President told me that I wouldn't be here in Kouvola very much longer, and that I needed to enjoy the time while it lasts haha. So katsotaan!!! We'll see what happens. I am so tired! I feel like I just want to hibernate for the next 2 weeks or something! We have been working so hard! But it has been paying off. Our investigator is really loving the gospel, and he came to church yesterday. I was so grateful to seek him there! He asked the sunday school teacher for a lesson schedule for the next several months or so. It is so cool to see someone so prepared accept the gospel. He has really been trying to quit smoking on his own, and he is doing well. He made the decision on his own without us even really committing him. However, we have been doing our best to help him to stop, and pointing him to the Lord. We are trying to keep him busy, and helping him to focus on better things. This week Brother Smith gave him a ride to church (He lives next to our investigator), and they became really good friends. We are going over to Brother smith's house with our investigator to do some service, and share a message. The members are really loving him! He told a lot of people at church that He had a baptismal date! I am so grateful for him! We had the opportunity to give him a blessing to help him resist smoking. The spirit was strong, and I felt how much Heavenly Father loves him. Heavenly Father loves all of his children, and I know that He will bless us as we do what is right. All of naturally know what is right and was is wrong. It is natural. I'm sorry, I'm not feeling very good today so I'm going to cut it short, but everything is well. We are working hard, and loving life!! Mom, I am still trying to be the kind of missionary you think I am. love, Elder Perry ps. thank you so much for the package! I tried on the pirate patch and earing and took pictures. I'll send some to you sometime. The cookies were fabulous, as well as the t shirt. I laughed so hard when I saw it. My comp makes fun of me when i use the baby fork at dinner. jk I haven't yet, but will soon haha

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

229 Days left. Hei siella! Everything is going very good. I got my package from the smith's this last week. Things have been so great lately!!! I can't even tell you how happy I was to recieve those gifts from home! I wasn't expecting the gifts from Disneyland. Yes I made sure to capitalize the D in the word out of reverence. When I received it I thought of all of our old memories! This is where dad is rolling his eyes, but you just wait buddy!! I am going to buy you a goofy t shirt, while we're sitting on small world for the tenth time! Man I miss you all! But I still don't want to be with you yet haha!! We have had a very good week. Elder Anderton and I had to part. It was kind of sad to see him go, but I know that He will do great things down in Helsinki. I am so grateful that I was able to serve with him. He taught me so much about who I am, and what I need to become. Whatastud! I took him to the train station and sent him off. My new Companion Elder Van Geenen is way cool!! We get along very well. We have seen a lot of miracles just in the last week we've been together. He is from Holland, however he speaks english like a black american guy haha. It is soooo funny. We got a new elder in our district fresh out of the MTC. When He came to our apartment. I pretended to be from Holland with my dutch accent. IT was soooo good!!!!! I made it 35 minutes before the new elders companion said, okay come on stop it!! I could have kept going! But ya know, being a missionary is all about being mature. Maturity and body building... uh I mean... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is my life haha!!!! In my personal study I have really kind of been focusing on the difference between being valiant, and being obedient. I have come to the conclusion that the difference is: being valiant is loving god with all your heart, and keeping his commandments out of love, with trust that His ways are higher than our ways. Obedience is good, however just being obedient is not enough in god's eyes. He want's us to use the atonement to want what He wants for us. Sometimes we want to kick against the pricks, and we wonder why it causes so much discomfort!!! UHHHH why can't I watch this TV show, uh...... it's only a little bad....... UHHH it's not bad to miss church some day's uhhh I'm not perfect....... UHH mom, it's not that big of a deal to take the van out illegally,,,,, I'm like 15......... Surely there was teenager like that out there somewhere in the world. But seriously... We need to have clean hands and a pure heart. Clean hands means that we repent when we sin. A pure heart means we use the atonement to turn away from the mistake we do. We change to conform to what the Lord wants for us. We so often ask ourselves these questions.......... why am I not happy?? hmm.......... maybe we should follow the plan. of . happiness. haha We had a great experience. Last sunday we found an investigator who has been so prepared by the Lord! We were going into a building, and he walked up at the same time. We contacted him, and he said come in to my place. We taught him, and he loved it. A few days later I called him just to thank him for letting us come over. He told me, "As soon as you all left, I felt this warm feeling for like two days that what you were saying is true." Elder Perry, "woooow!" (side note, plan your responses so you don't sound like a goober) HAha just kidding. But then throughout the week we have met with him a lot, and He is doing great! He has read all of 1 Nephi, and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. He really wants to come to church and "become a mormon!" (his words, not mine.) These people are out there, we just need to use the atonement to change ourselves and repent to follow Christ. As we do so we will let Him do His work in His way! The reason being because we will be clean. He is already talking about how he needs to start doing missionary work in his family haha! I love missionary work! It is so amazing to see the hand of the Lord in my life, and the lives of others. I wouldn't trade this time for anything! Although I miss my family and guitar, and my saab (..........................ehkä ei) I really love it here! Miracles are happening! As we are pure in heart, as we trust in His hands to help and heal us, He will. John Bytheway quoted someone by putting it this way. "Whatever Jesus lays his hands on lives. Whether it's a marriage or a family, or a life that simply seems to grow darker, whatever Jesus can lay His hands on, it lives, and heals. We just need to come unto Him and let him do it." I've noticed in my study of the New Testament that the people typically had to go to Christ to be healed. I testify that this is true. He lives, and loves us. Well........ cool. I love you all, Will

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hello Family! So we got news on our change call......................................... where am I going????????????................................ Hauluaisitteko tietää??? Well the truth is.......... no where hahaha Elder Anderton is leaving. He is going down to Helsinki with my old companion Elder Larsen!! They will be in an apartment with 4 elders!!! That is like a dream! However I am here, and I am excited to stay! My new companions name is Elder Van Geenen. He is from Holland I believe. It is so funny because His first zone conference here (my new comp) I looked at him and said, We're going to serve together some day! I gave him a big hug too. Booo ya!! Prophecy fulfilled! I'll be honest I was a little disappointed. I had basically told all the members goodbye, because i thought I was leaving. We have a big area haha! The Lord has a sense of humor. When I went to bed that night, I prayed, why am I staying here? As I listened a voice said, "Called to serve........... Him." I realized because this is His work, and He knows where He needs me. This is not my mission, it's His. That is good enough for me! We are going to work hard, and go to work, like always! Anyways I will be here when the Smith's get here. I am pretty sad that my little boy is all grown up. We have had a blast together, and it is just great! One of the assistants here taught us when we were called to train, that it really is kind of a father like stewardship, and we should expect to feel that love like a father has for his son. I know that is so true, He is going to do so great! I am excited to see what he will do here! I definitely think training is my favorite calling I have ever received on my mission. I hope I can do it again! This week has been full of miracle after miracle. We have really been trying to raise our vision, and expand. This week we set a goal to teach 24 lessons. The Lord helped us reach it, as we just did our best! I have been learning the importance of being aware of our goals!!! HAHA That may sound as obvious as if I told you you need to put wood in the fire place if you want fire, however it is true! As we are conscientious about our goals, and pray with earnestness to achieve them, we will. Wow what an observation Elder Perry! How long have you been out? But it's all good! We move forward not backwards! So yesterday I'm sitting in church, and one of our English speaking members get's up to give his talk. I'm sitting there in the congregation when all of the sudden the second counselor motions for me to come up and translate haha! I run up to the stand, and do it haha. Right before we started, I was just like oh great, here we go.......................... He started speaking, and I just went for it haha! It was really cool, and my first time translating a talk from finnish into english in front of the whole congregation! I'll be honest I just do not speak finnish like a finn. However I do my best, and trust in the Lord to make up the difference. However I would say my language is really coming along, and I am improving. Also, Yesterday we really learned the importance of following the inspired schedule. At the end of church, a member came up to us and said that they had some non member friends coming over for lunch, as well as a former investigator they invited. However we felt we shouldn't go, and follow the plan we had set. We had an appointment in Kotka, and we didn't want to shaft it. We politely excused ourselves from coming and went about our day. We went to the appointment at the appointed time, and we taught him how to pray, and that God lives, and He became a new investigator. He is very interested, and said we could come back!! We then felt we should try meeting with a less active lady (wasn't home). But right as we were leaving her place, I felt we should go visit another less active. We went, and He wasn't home! Elder Anderton (as we were leaving) felt like we should tract the building. We did so, and the first door we knocked on was a young lady, and we taught her about God's plan and set up a time when we could come back!!! So cool. As we were driving away, our member who was with us felt like we should try another less active who was actually one of the people He home teaches (Well should be home teaching haha.) As we were walking in, a man came up to the door, and we taught him about the book of mormon. We asked do you have a few minutes now when we could share this with you?? He immediately responded yes, come on in! We followed him into his apartment, and we taught him. We taught about how Joseph Smith wanted to know which church was true, and he stopped us and said, that's what i'm wondering!!! The time we have to plan is so sacred, and the Lord really does guide us as we do it faithfully every night. It is so important that we stick to the plan, while following the spirit. Sometimes the solution is not always obvious, and we can't always say why we feel like doing something. There were three potential new investigators at the members house for lunch, but that is not where the Lord wanted us, and we had to obey!! Boo YAA!! The other thing I learned is the importance of unity in a companionship. Following the spirit is compared to putting a puzzle together. Each person receives a piece at a time. It doesn't matter how much we may like our piece better, we need our companions piece as well to finish the puzzle. We need to rely on those promptings, maybe even more then the promptings we receive. It is better to show your companion you love him by yielding to his promptings, than to cause an argument. I learned a cool quote from elder anderton. You can tell the kind of priesthood leader I am by the way I treat my wife at home when no one is watching. I have been trying to apply it to my companion. You can tell the kind of leader I am by the way I treat my companion at home when no one is watching. I wrote that quote in the 121st section of my Doctrine and Covenants. So cool! The Lord will help us become! I know it. There is so much to share, but so little time. It's good to here that everything is going well! I hope that you all are safe! love you, Elder Perry

Monday, July 2, 2012

It's a good thing William like's to shovel snow. They get a lot in Finland.
William found his car in Kouvola. Amazing!
Here is William sending every one a big hug.

July 2, 2012

Hi family! I don't have very much time today, because I procrastinated coming here to write! Things have just been crazy today, and I have to go to a lesson soon, and catch a train to Lappeenranta tonight! Soooooo busy! So I tried to find some protein shakes this morning because elder anderton and I have been doing some pretty intense work outs. (Like we actually work out). So of course the cute finnish prisma worker comes around the corner. "um... excuse me... uh (insert image of elder perry leaning up against the shelf in my strechty pants (quote from nacho libre- duh) where are the vitamins...??? (Didn't know the word for protein). Also apparently I didn't know the word for vitamins either!!!! I spoke in english and she said uh..... isle 163. HaHa but this week has been pretty intense! We really have been working so hard! There has been a standard that we teach 20 lessons per week. We have been struggling very hard to get it. Last week in planning meeting elder anderton said, "You know what, we need to show more faith, let's set a goal for 23 lessons." THAT'S MY BOY!!! We did it. We worked very hard this week, and at the end of the week we had 22 lesson's. I am so grateful for my companion. He has taught me so much about faith, and uh huh, (insert clearing throat noise) using it haha! I learned an amazing principle there. When we are struggling to maintain vision, raise it, don't decrease. Now I'm not insisting that we can't set goals to build up our bigger goals. This friday is change calls. I am a little excited because it would be nice to see other cities, however I really don't want to leave my compi. He is so cool! We get along pretty well. We just both have the same vision, and it works very well. He really has taught me so much. We have been doing our best to help this less active lady and her children come back to church. It has been great to see the change in her. We actually found our baptismal date through her! She called us one day, and had an emergency. We drop everything and went and helped her. We met our baptismal date there! I have learned the importance of just doing the right thing. Always do the thing that Christ would do, and you will be safe. Not only will we be safe in doing that, but he will provide opportunities to share the gospel as we show our love for his children. Our district is doing great! On sunday calls ins we talked about not letting doubts get to us! I asked them a question I learned from a talk from john bytheway. He asked, "What would you give up to know God?" We talked about it, and they asked me what I decided to give up. I said my doubts. In every situation satan tries to forge doubts as facts, or truth. However truth is the complete opposite of doubt. The adversary tries to tear at our testimonies, and make us feel like maybe we don't have faith. We begin to question our faith when these doubts come, when really we should be questioning our doubts!!! Are they really valid!? Doubts are dumb! Truth is Tremendous! haha, soooooooo lame..... Anyways, I love you, miss you, wouldn't want to be with you at this time (now i must explain that it is nothing personal mom.) Elder Perry

June 25, 2012

Dear Family, Before I start, I have to say how happy I am to hear that Grandma Huntley is doing well, and that all is looking well. I asked all the missionaries in our district to pray for her haha. I have spent a lot of time on my knees praying for her at night, pleading that all will go well. It almost brought tears to my eyes to hear that everything is going well. I love you Grandma!!! I love getting your emails every week. It is so great to hear the news from home. As I'm working hard I often think about you. I have a picture of dad on my scriptures that he sent me, and it always motivates me to work hard. I have the quote "be the kind of missionary your mother thinks you are," engraven on my heart, and in my mind! I think it's from all the prayers sent up from you mommy. I had a cool experience this morning. I was putting my laundry in our washing machine, and it just wasn't working. I tried resetting it, and turning it off and on............ ei mitään. The thought came to me to just pray, and it will work. I said a quick prayer, and felt like I should press the button again. pressed........ started........... so cool!!! Sometimes we forget how powerful the prayer of faith is. Heavenly Father can just make things work sometimes haha. We have been working very hard! Last week we met this investigator in Kotka. We taught him the message of the restoration, and gave him a copy of the book of mormon. We commited him to read it everyday, and he said okay. (kind of the 19 year old, I'll do it okay.) We came back a few days later, and he had read the first 7 chapters, and he talked about how much he liked it! We came back a little later, and he had read several more chapters, and the plan of salvation pamphlet. As we were teaching him (about half way through the plan of salvation) I felt super bored!!! And I knew that he was. I asked him a question like, "what does it mean to you that we have a purpose here on earth?" At that point he taught us the whole plan of salvation back. He read the pamphlet, and studied it! We dropped teaching, and then just answered his questions! His concerns had melted away, and his desire to accept this grew! Elder Anderton commited him to baptism, and he accepted without a doubt (we commited him in the first lesson, and he told us he had already been baptized). I felt the power, and importance of our investigators keeping their commitments. As we read, and pray, and act in accordance with correct principles such as attending church, and preparing to be baptized, the holy ghost comes in and guides us. The Lord has been working with this man for awhile! We testified that these things are true and I know that they are! On Juhannus ,(mid-summers day. It is a huge holiday here), we were able to go over to some members house who have children our age! We weren't alowed to go door to door, or be outside in public. There is lot of drinking that goes on! So President said we could go over to relax with members and investigators and stuff! We played steal the flag! After that we played clue the board game! Sooo much fun! I believe that change calls will be in about two weeks. I don't know if I will be leaving or not. I would imagine so, because I have been here for over 6 months. That is an extremely long time in an area haha! I was in Joensuu for 5 changes, and now I've been in Kouvola for 5 changes. Send it to the office, and I'll have the zone leaders pick it up for when they come to district meeting or something. I am so excited to see all of the pictures (everyone take a moment of silence for the lack of pictures that haven't been sent in the last six months haha). I love you all, Elder Perry Ps. I will write grandma a letter.

June 18, 2012

Heellooo Everyone, It was so great to hear from trey, and to see maya and Coles hieroglyphics (indian painting) I can't spell worth my life anymore. In Finnish you say all the letters in a word when you speak, and so English is just blown away. Anywho, Aunt Nancy, and Uncle Bill sent me an email! I miss them! Tell them I love them, and I don't mind that they receive my emails. However it is kind of funny to me that I have a blog, and you also send my emails to people haha, does that not defeat the purpose of the blog if they can get highlights in their inbox haha. Maybe I'm just going crazy... or you are... I mean it with love. We had a crazy day yesterday! We went down to Helsinki for stake conference, and it was way fun! Elder Jensen of the seventy spoke there. It is super awkward when you walk up to members you know, or something, and you say hi....... they say hi....... and after that you don't really know where to go with the conversation. I mean for real, how far can you go with someone who works in the mission office... hi... so... you organize the supply closet recently???... great... k ... bye!! HAHA I just decided that I would love to recieve my emails haha. They are so funny....... or maybe not........... but anyways it was great to be in Helsinki. Elder Anderton slept with his mouth open in the car, and I took a picture of him on our phone. He doesn't like it when I do that.. but... it must be done. We had a meeting with Elder Kopichke.... (I really don't know how to spell his name) he was in the area presidency in europe. He was so cool to listen to. I learned a lot from him. I had my specific questions for our area, and for myself, but the answer I recieved from the spirit answered all of them. I studied the way he taught, why he was so happy, and everything he did. I wanted to know why he was successful, and why he was such a good missionary. The answer came from His closing testimony. He said, "Elder's and Sister's... I know that I am a child of God. And He loves me." It hit me. He has been able to do everything He needs to in His calling because he understands and feels that statement not only in his mind, but in his heart. As I studied that statement in my personal life, and study since that day, I finally get it. Whenever we feel discouraged, stress, jealousy, anger, it is because we are more focused on what others think about us, than what God thinks about us. The world (even the church) has ideals of what the successful man or woman is. When we let those stresses get into our hearts, that is when we are down. Likewise, if our only desire is to please god and do his will, we will always be happy, because the man that follows god is always right (I believe it's president monson who said that). It is one thing to understand the principle (that we are children of god) and it's another thing to understand and to feel the principle in our hearts. When the knowledge goes from our head to our heart, I know that our whole perspective on life will change. I have never been happier in my life. I know that God lives and He is my father, my dad. He loves me, and He takes time to show me He cares. I would encourage you all to really think about what it means to be a child of god. When we know, and truly feel it in our hearts, it will bless us so much! We had a lot of different experiences in our work this week. We were in a meeting with this really intelligent engineer. He had a super nice house, and it was apparent that he knew a lot. He started talking about paranormal activity haha. He was asking if we believed that people could communicate with people on the otherside. The first thing that came to my mind was this is so weird! But then the spirit came in! He said, pay attention, and listen to what he was saying. I began to pray for discernment. A scripture came to my mind. Moroni 10:8- 18 "Deny not the gifts of God, for they are many. We read those verses, and explained our perspective on it, and He totally agreed! Had one of us said, that is weird, and of the devil (which some of it is) He probally would have kicked us out haha. I learned an important lesson. Investigators have a different vocabulary than we do ha ha. We use the words, angels, ministering spirits etc. He used paranormal activity. He is a new investigator who said he wants to read the Book of Mormon now! So cool! We are working super hard! I am so grateful for you all. I think about you both often, and you both are in my prayers. Send me pictures of your california trip momma! So I can be home sick for a few days! Especially of disneyland, shelby, and andy and david and their lady friends. Wow... super kinky statement. Actually maybe don't. Love Elder Perry PS tell shelby she is the worst writer ever haha

June 11. 2012

Sorry guys, I can't find a letter for this date. I thought I had one for every week, but somehow this one got lost or there wasn't one.

June 4, 2012

Hello Family, This last little week has been pretty great. We have been trying to build up to teaching 20 lessons per week. It has been very challenging, but we are working towards it. This morning was very cool. We went and studied finnish with a finnish couple in our branch. It is super helpful for me, because I can expand on the harder principles, and have some back up haha. This last little while I have been studying with elder anderton the basic grammar, and so this gives me an opportunity once a week to really build on where I need to go to improve. He is really coming along with his Finnish. It is very inspiring to see. And also I want to hit him in the face because I could not ´speak the way he does when I came into the country haha. COME ON, IT WAS A JOKE!! Don't tell president though, I don't need that on my plate right now. Is everything alright with grandma? I guess so, because you didn't say anything bad that happened. I have been worried about her all week! She better be okay! You mother better be okay as well. You always call me an accident waiting to happen, but your the one always seeming to get into the train wrecks haha. I hope that everything is okay with you. As far as you pop. I will send an extra prayer up for you. Don't get too burnt out! I expect pictures from the camping, and fun stuff you do with the boyzzz. Speaking of which, everyone keeps talking about how you two are freaking out that natalie will get married haha. Is this true? Is she, will she, when's the date? Are they talking about this? I'm sitting up here in an ice box, and you're down there with all the news! COME ON!!! Milta teistä tuntuu tästä? So this week we have really been focusing on inspired planning, and it really has been working. It is amazing how the Lord will coordinate the work, as we exercize faith in Him. I have notice countless examples of when the Lord will help us to teach as we plan to do so! Let's throw that statement into the worlds most obvious statements book, published by Elder Perry Finland Helsinki Mission. Haljelulah! haha. I know that as we exercise faith in Him, He will make it happen. So cool! On splits Elder Haws (zone leader) and I planned on contacting a man who said we could come by the next day. We drove out to his place, and went to his door. Not home. We decided to go for it, and give the Lord a chance! We tracted a few doors, until all of the sudden this one man answered. He talked about how so many bad things have happened to him, and he is kind of angry at god because of it. We slowed down a bit, and listened to him. We asked him some inspired questions. He let us in and we did a first lesson teach. He had a very loud friend, and I ended up going and sitting by the loud friend to try and teach (but mostly distract because he was kind of drunk), while elder haws taught the other guy. New Investigator! It was cool to see him smile through his tears, as he felt the truth of the message in his heart. That was another special experience where I felt like I was standing in the place of the Lord, at that time, and in that moment. Tell Mckayli, that we will go do sleep over's at Natalie and Georges new apartment! That would be a little awkward yet hilarious at the same time. "Um, escuse me nat and georgy (you think she calls him that?), but you are all out of food... I ate it all... well that's how it would go. I AM SO EXCITED. I can't believe the day has come... you know that I am just doing this to make you both worried haha. Love you (I really do) Elder (still the same sense of humor) Perry

May 28, 2012

Hello Everyone, So this week was way cool! We headed down to Helsinki for a trainers meeting on last tuesday morning! It was so cool! We did role plays for hours!!! UGHHHHH... but it was really good learning experience.I love how you can say anything negative haha and balance it out with a positive comment. Such as, man I can't stand that guy! But he's cool... haha. Any who... It was so much fun down there. I ended up being with an helsinki elders quorum president for a few hours! We went through helsinki trying to speak with less actives. We didn't get a hold of any... but he bought me dinner haha! So cool! That sounded extremely femmish. Speaking of those kinds of jokes. i saw this super huge guy with nazi tattoo's all over his body... rollerblading. Well when we contacted him, no dad i did not tell him your famous joke. However it made me giggle. he he I was able to visit in the helsinki temple this last week haha. It's been over a year since i've been back. I had to do some parts in English. I didn't want it on my head if I messed up, and someone got denied haha! That would be an awkward conversation on the other side. Man! things are so much fun here! Elder Anderton and I are ripping it up! We are having so much fun together. I fear for our salvation... But until then we'll keep going! We were at our investigators house last night, and to give you some background information she did not believe in god when I met her a few months ago. She said she prayed all her life that God would help her husband believe in him. He died without recieving faith. She told God that she didn't like him, and that she was done with him. She told us this in our first lesson. It is amazing to see how the Lord touches hearts, and helps people. Yesterday, I heard her pray for the very first time (She prayed last week when elder anderton was on splits, but for me it was the first time) and ask Heavenly Father to forgive her. After the prayer she told us that she believes in Him. It was one of the most humble sincere prayers I have heard on my misison. I was so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to hear that. I also took a picture with her in her old rocking chair. Right after the picture, she said, you should give me a copy of that! It was so touching. She is actually going to kuopio for the summer, so we are going to get her in touch with the missionaries up there. That may be the last time I ever see her. But I know the Lord has touched her heart to really change. On saturday we were doing service, and the branch president leaned over and asked me to speak in sacrament meeting the following day ha ha. I wrote my talk in personal study, and we were rushing out the door to get to church! It was my turn to speak, and I got up to the stand. I flipped through my notes, oh, not in that folder, looked in the next folder, and the dawning moment hit me... I forgot my talk on my desk at home. (Insert thunder strikes). I looked at the crowd and told them haha unohtin puheini kotona (i forgot my talk at home). It was hilarious. However I felt like it was Heavenly Fathers will. I felt like Dan Jones on the soap box just going for it! But the spirit was there. I felt Heavenly Fathers sustaining hand as I spoke, to help me. I was so grateful to be done haha, but as I simply just taught and testified about what I felt I should say, things went well. Aother cool experience...... I was sitting at home reading some stuff right before bed on friday. I get a phone call from my district leader and he says!!! YOU'ARE GETTING A CHANGE CALL!!! I was like what?? you have to be kidding... Elder Anderton and I were told that we would be together for two changes. I immediately thought, what did I do wrong!? (We were with president for half of this week haha). All of the sudden president calls, and says sorry to call so late, but I want to get as much work done as I can tonight. (My heart was beating, and all I could do was listen). He said, you will be the new district leader! That was thrilling news! I was so stunned! Was not expecting it at all, nor thinking about it haha. But now I get to be the district leader, and still train Elder Anderton. So cool! Well I love you all, and wish all of you a fabulous week. Ask natalie if she and george can pick me up from the airport and give me lunch money, and there is a package on the way to her, so heads up. Elder Perry