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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26,

Haha, Hello Family.

I think this is the first time that mom forgot to write back haha. When I opened my email account I thought that there must be something horribly wrong. Well... this week has been incredible with an amazing end. We have gone through a lot of trials, and a lot of crazy things, but on the other hand we've seen a lot of miracles, and had a lot of fun. The term I believe is referred to as bittersweet haha.

First of all, I went to the eye doctor last monday, (155 Euro's!!!), and he said I have an eye infection. Nothing major, but He gave me some eye drops to take during the day for a little while, and everything should be good. It was so hilarious. I was sitting in the waiting room, and this doctor opens the door of a dark room, and says, "Perry," with a deep voice haha. We walk into this long dark room where He tells me, turn your head and cough...... in finnish I didn't understand.... Just Kidding.... but it was a dark room. Elder Weaver was on one side, and I was on the other in a huge chair. However he turned out to be a very nice guy, and everthing is fine now.

Well it's the first day of my fourth change. General Conference and zone conference are this week!! Hienoa!! We are going to Oulu on thursday, and coming home probably Monday. It's gonna be sweet seeing all the Vanhimmat up der in da north. Daddy Keep me away fro them mountain people!!! Haha Yesterday I was thinking about how much I wish I could go get a chocolate shake from dairy queen with you. Those were fun times.

Elder Weaver and I have started to get along a lot better. We are two completely different people. For instance he recieved a package today, and in it his parents sent him a cataloge with all this computer hardware in it haha. He said something along the lines of, "Woww!! a proton megabite harddrive with a 250 mega wat capacitator in it for only 250 dollars!!" I looked and said,"Mm Hmm... sounds like a steal haha." But we have come a long way. We're pretty use to each other now, so things are a lot easier. I've learned great lessons from the Lord in Humility. I've learned to humble myself and if a problem comes up, just say, "I'm Sorry." Those words feel like theeee hardest words to say in the english vocabulary sometimes. But they need to be said, especially when there is contention between you and your companion. We can't let contention interfere with the Lords work. I'm not gonna say that I'm perfect, but I try to do my best.

We had district meeting last week, and Elder Cassity really stressed the importance of prayer. He talked about doing it a certain way, and I know that this way works so much better. I didn't know how to pray!!! The first step is, Quiet yourself, take some time to let your mind settle down. Second, Visualize your Heavenly Father, and how much he loves you. How proud He is of his son, or daughter. Thirdly, Explain your situation with him, and counsel with him. Fourth, pay attention to your feelings, and really try to know what his will is. Fifth, Thank him for the answer you recieve.

Elder Weaver and I found ourselves at a road- block with one of our investigators. I started teaching her with vanhin Nelsen, now Vli Nelsen, and now Elder Weaver. She isn't sure about the church, the spirit has been working on her, but she says that right about the time that feels its true, she convinces herself that it's not! We weren't sure if we should give her some time, or if we should continue teaching her (because she wasn't keeping all of her commitments). We decided after the teach to say a prayer that way. I kid you not, that the powers of heaven came down to help us. Our Heavenly Father, saw our challenge, gave peace to our minds and hearts, and also gave us direction.

Some times we go through pits, or personal Hell's. But the counsel given from the Savior is so real. He says, "In the world ye shall have tribulation, but fear not, for I have overcome the world. I forgot the referrance, but the principal is so true. I know that whenever I am struggling, or whenever I have a concern, or maybe I'm just in a bad mood haha. I can pray to my father, and he will hear my prayer. I'll be honest, sometimes going tracting is not my favorite thing, or getting laughed at because you believe in something that can't be seen. Sometimes it's hard, but wherever I am, in the day or night, I know I can pray. I hope that anyone who does read my emails does not underestimate the power of prayer or the significance of it. No one is more interested in our success, than the one who called us.

I want to way I'm grateful for the prayers on my behalf. I know that we are led to people everyday, and help people in all classes of society. Now to the Grand finale!! One of our investigators was baptized on saturday by Elder Weaver!!! I was so happy to see him go to baptism. That sounds kind of weird in english, go to baptism.. that's how you say it in finnish.... anyways the night before the baptism we recieved a prompting to make sure that he brings extra underwear haha. The next day we called him and said, make sure and bring white underwear.... and he was like.. I don't have any.... (Of course I was the one on the phone with him!!!) I said, uh... well... I guess you can use some of mine... (work out ones) haha poor guy was like... uh... do I have to really?? I made some other calls and called him back and said, "well... yup I guess so."

This whole situation was so awkward, but once he was baptized it was great. The next day I confirmed him a member of the church, and gave him the gift of the holy ghost. I have to say that it was a very special experience to me, one that is very sacred. Just know that I know the power of the priesthood is real, and that Heavenly Father was so proud of His son that day. He said, "I feel like a part of me that was missing is there now.. I'm who I want to be... hahahahaha Preach my Gospel quote!!!!! Soooo sweet.

Not a bad week..........

I hope natalie got her candy bar, and mom your letters. I actually am going to write you a real letter today, last weeks letter was lame. Dad I am grateful for what you sharred from your personal studay, I am going home to study more about!! And thank you for sending that stuff... Mom.... Don't forget to write again or bad things will happen!!!! jk probably got lost in cyberspace.. I'll ask Vanhin Weaver about it haha.



Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

Hello Perheni.....

So before I start my email today, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support, and letters, whether it's through email, or cards... It means the world to me. The saddest thing to a missionary is loosing an investigator, especially one who was a good friend. The only thing that compares with that, is coming home to an empty mailbox. However, I'm grateful to my family and friends who always make sure that I can count on recieving something.

First of all, Alexya... Of course it's not the same without me!!! I'm Willy... This time I am not going to look up the words you sent me haha. I will send you a letter this week to expound on your email haha. Hilarious by the way...

Now to the Vanhemmat... I didn't get a change call!! I can stay in Joensuu for a little longer. Yesterday all the memebers in our branch asked me if I recieved one, and I smilied and said, "En!!!!!!" I love Joensuu so much. I have a big sister here named Niina. She is way sweet. Really tiny, but hilarious. Everytime she calls, or we call her she calls me her veli, and I call her my vanhempi siskoa. I also am so close to our branch.. given there is only 25- 30 people.. 30 people being generous haha.. But the branch has a big heart!!! Except for the Bishop who verbally abuses our investigators. I think He should get Michael Scotts biggest Ding award!! Our mission president said talking to him about the success in Finland is like talking with Eyeore... the donkey off of Winney the Pooh....... not that I know who that is................. (Clear the throat)... moving forward.

We had some very cool experiences. I first want to say that I know what I am about to share with you is very true. Our golden investigator! He is a very smart guy. He is a scientist from India who is very successful. He came to Joensuu for school, was here for four days before we found him. He is a very close friend to me, and we will probably be friends for eternity. Anyways He has accepted everything we have taught to him. His own words,"This feels good, and if I don't understand it, I just accept it, and choose faith." Woooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... okay, anyways... It finally came down to the Big three!! Law of Chasity, Word of Wisdom, and and and and and Law of Tithing.. Perry throws to Weaver who pitches to Tarun on the 20 (Law of Chasity... already obeys it). Five yards down sacked by the devil Word of wisdom, yet shakes it off, next play runs 15 for the first down, and a word of wisdom acceptance. Five yards to go....... satan, paholainen, U of U, (Clearing the throat again), intercepts the pass, and........... needless to say He couldn't accept the Law of Tithing. We talked, shared scriptures, bore testimony, nothing.................. He said it felt true, but He wasn't sure if He wanted to do it. We talked for two hours, and we thought we would have to move the date. We said a closing prayer... Elder Weaver and I were crushed..... and after the prayer He sat in his chair looked at us and said, "Don't move my date. I know this is true, and i'll follow it."

I sat back, and I think I said something along the lines of,"WHAAAATT!!??" I was shaking off the edge of my chair, and about passed out. I sat back, and for a second it seemed as though angels were in the room right next to him telling him what he needed to do. I testify that they were. The Lord knew him. He knew why he led him to joensuu, and He was not going to let him fall. I was deeply touched by his true faith. He is such a willing person, and so ready to become not only a member of this church, but a disciple of Christ. True Christianity is love in action.. (President Mckay). He is a very good definition of that.

Well with another change comes another........... hair cut............... which I gave to myself........ again. But I think it looks okay, the problem is Elder Weaver does not know how to cut hair. Nor (I got out on the word "Nor" in the third grade spelling bee... what the heck! Nor?... N.... O... R.... E...... uh.... no) does he care. So when I asked him to check the back, He's like uhhh well sure... yur good. HAHA thanks bro!!!! I could be looking like chewbackka back there, going all over the place. I need to ask someone if it looks good haha.

Now to the essentials. Last week the doctor was out of town so they rescheduled my appointment for today. It is at klo 13:20 and I will write in my letter to you (mom) the results. Father, I am disappointed that you weren't praying hard enough for BYU!!! However I do have a question haha Did you remember to send my shoe polish, and stuff?? I haven't recieved it yet so.. no worries. I will be at the same address for the next change which is Koulukatu 31 B 27 80100 Joensuu, Suomi. I will make sure and tell you when to not send stuff when I get my new schedule from the toimisto.

Tell natalie Happy Birthday!!!! and I will write her a letter today. Tell Mike that I'm sorry, but I did send a package for him, but I guess it was lost!!! Lame.

Ya'll are the best, especially you mom,


Vanhin P

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

I'm sorry about last week. The same thing just happened to me again. I was in the middle of my email and it deleted. Kind of frustrating. This week has been very good! We lost two investigators, which was very sad. One is moving to china, and the other was not willing to live the word of wisdom. He said he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet, and believed in the Book of Mormon but didn't believe He could stop smoking! LAAMMEE. the means lame exaggerated.

Kuiten Kin, life is good Joensuussa. Dad asked me about how the language went this week. I am going to liken my experience this week to my good friend the sparrow. You have this sparrow who is a gorgess big bird. He's soaring through the air!!!! Tree to tree, house to house..... anywhere he wants to go... Wind in his face, feeling good until...CRASHHHHHH!!! into the window haha. There are times when I feel pretty good, and about the time when that feeling comes around I get the Finnish stare, and "Mitä?" haha kaikki on hyvin kuiten kin.

I especially need your prayers this week. We found this golden investigator named Tarun at the beginning of the change. We have taught him a lot, and his baptism is next saturday. I pray to thee Heavens!!!!! that all will go well. Everyone please pray that all will go well... and that includes you too Alexya!!!! You can pray like we did that one time at that Greek thing, or however you want but do it!!!!! Viisi.. I just really want everything to go well. Tell our family that they should write me more :) You both and grandma are very consistant, but I want more fam action.

Werid experince.... We were on splits Kuopiossa and I was with our District Leader Elder Cassity. We were eating at a pizza shop in town when all the sudden this guy walks in and stares at me... uh.... okay... He walks up, and says He wants to meet with us right now at the library.... Vanhin Cassity shoves his pizza down and we walk with him and his mom to the library. Mom leaves, and it's just us. He puts His arm around me and says, "Oh vanhin Perry...." hmm... interesting.

He absolutely loves me!!!! At first I thought well I am pretty cool... I guess haha.... not the reason... We get to the library, and He goes off to get a whole bunch of techno cd's hmm.... we go get a room and start talking. Oh by the way he turned on his techno music and wouldn't turn it off. He kept starring at me!!! After a lot of trying to get him to talk about the gospel he says, "What do you think about the roman culture?" Mitä siitä? you know what about it?

In english he proceded to say you know, two men together, doing things, sexual things?? My eyes went wide, and my jaw dropped!!!!!!!! WHATTTT?????? He then went and turned his music up and we started to leave. THen He started dancing!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard it was ridiculous!!! He asked do you have a girlfriend? I said, "Yep, she's great!!!!" She's back home haha AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH totally gay guy wanting me!! Why can't it be the hot finnish girl down at the store that I have to reject and say no to!!! (Which is a different story haha) However, Hilarious story I couldn't pass up telling...

However afterward, we went to a teach with an investigator who has been investigating for several years. Has read the Book of Mormon 10 times, and goes to church every sunday. During our study together we felt very strongly by the Holy Ghost that the reason he wasn't progressing is because he doesn't understand his relationship with his father in heaven. We went and taught him by the spirit, and He set a baptismal date!!!! it was so cool to see. I think one of the greatest blessings in life is to recieve a prompting from the Holy Ghost, follow it, and see the Lord work in the lives of those whom you serve. Never let a day go by without following through on the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Well I wish I could say more but my email time is up, even though my last email deleted. I love you both very much. I have an appointment with the eye doctor today, and the mission will reimburst the charge. Pray, Pray, Pray that we will be led to people who are ready to recieve this message. I think about you both every day, and sometimes it's hard thinking about the parties and air shows, and everything. But I do know one thing. With all my heart I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Although things are so hard, they are so worth it. I am learning what it's like to really serve the Lord for the right reasons, and out of pure love.

Love you,

September 5, 2011

William's email didn't come through this week, so there is really nothing to post. Sorry! Check back on the 12th.