Elder William Perry's Mission Address

Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Friday, April 20, 2012

April 16, 2011

Gooood Morning Vietnam!!

First things first. I am staying in Kouvola!!! Elder Larsen is going
down to Helsinki

:( Voi harmi..... However i'm still pretty excited! My new companion's name is... New missionary! I get to train my first missionary this change! Sooooooo cool! I'm super excited. Right when President gave me my call, I was like hahah Sooo cool!!! And he was like, it is super cool. I also thought of all the things I need to change haha. I am going down to Helsinki tomorrow, and wednesday I meet him. Poor guy, I'm picking him up then we're driving back in our car. It's like an 1 hour 1/2 drive. However I am arranging for some teaches in a far away area, which is along the way. Save gas, and kilometers........ I remember how tired I was my second day. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve.

I can't believe I'm going into my ninth change! It is going by so fast! I really do love the work, and I love the Lord. We have really trying to work hard, and miracles are happening. Katsotaan what happens!

I am so sorry that my emails have been so lame this last little while. I have been so busy. Especially on P-day. Last pday I didn't have very much time to do anything at all. We moved apartments, and so my new address is Torikatu 4 as 40 Kouvola 45100. We had some nice little miracles that happened as well. We got another baptismal date! It was so cool. We have been teaching this investigator. We have
taught Him parts of the Restoration, plan of salvation, and the gospel... didn't seem to interested. We prayed, and the inspiration came! W.O.W = Word of Wisdom! He loved it! We taught it, and things went very well. We were able to give Him a blessing afterwards. He said things (smoking addiciton) is slowing down, and
becoming easier! I was so grateful for the help from Taivalliseltä Isältä.

We also had a very special experience. I was on splits with another missionary in our district. We had some appointments in Loviisa which is about an hours drive from Kouvola. The first appointment was with an investigator and we recieved another investigator during the teach! Sweet!! Following, we had a teach with a potential investigator. As we showed up, she wasn't home, and on the phone she said she forgot
and would be about 10 minutes late. There is a less active member who lives in the building next to her's. We felt like we should go say hi.

We went to the door, and she took forever to come out. Finally she came out, and we went and shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon (Helaman 5:12). She helped us with some language questions, and as we were getting up to leave she said, "Ya know, I am so grateful that you guy's showed up. I had the hardest day at work. A ninth grade student (she is a teacher) used a mock gun in his hoodie, and told me he was going to shoot me. He was laughing, and I thought it was for real. I was very scared."

My heart stopped. I felt so much compassion for her. We asked her if she would like a blessing. She said, "That would be great." She asked if I would be the voice. As I placed my hands on her head, and started speaking, I felt a very sacred feeling. I felt Heavenly Fathers love for her, and How important this sister is to Him. I learned another aspect of the atonement. How Christ's healing hands are there for each of us. As we go through trials, and overcome our weaknesses, He is there.

I think about those hands often in my life. How they have raised me up, to become more than what I thought I could be. I am very grateful for our Savior, and His help.

Things are going very well. I am very happy here. I love the work! It's true, I know it is.

Jumalan siunauksiaan teille!

Elder Perry

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Sorry guys, William was so busy today that he only had time to pop off a quick email letting me know he didn't have time to write.

Check back next week.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2, 2012

This week has been very good. It was a little harder because we had conference out of town, and also district meeting. However the things we learned in District Meeting and Conference were so important, and have blessed the work here. We have really been trying to implement the counsel given. Especially the planning of the inbetweener's per hour. As we have taken the extra 2 minutes to do it!! We have seen alot of success, including a more active drive to talk to people, with
less pressure.

We have been having troubles with our baptismal date. She wants to be baptized, and she has recognized the change in her life because of this message, however she keeps falling back into the pit of her old life. It has been very challenging on both Elder Larsen and I to see. However we are not getting down on that. We are just simply trying to love her, and do everything we can to be there for her. I know
Heavenly Father's will will be done, as we simply rely on Him, and do our best to do what He tells us to do.

We were able to do service at an investigators house. She was so grateful that we were able to come help. She came to conference yesterday for President Monson's talk! The session answered most of her questions! She had to leave during the closing song, however, I believe she had a great experience. I know that when we look to love people and serve them, it softens their heart's. Kindness is the fire
that will melt the cold heart's of the Finn's here! No one can hate a person who is simply kind to them. Not possible.

We had another really cool experience where we had left an investigators place for daily contact, and as we were pulling out of the parking lot, we felt we should tract a building right there. We parked the car, and as we turned around the doors were wide open! We knew which one to go into. We tracted and met a nice chinese family
who said we could bring them a Book of Mormon next weekend. I have realized the importance of putting off our short term personal desires (lunch in this case haha) to do whatever the Lord commands in the moment He commands it. Like President Monson mentioned (paraphrased) When the Lord commands, men that always do, will never be wrong. Or something like that haha.

It is good to hear that everyone is doing great! I hope everything goes well with that biker guy haha! As for Natalie, I can't believe she is talking about temple marriage already!

Also mom, I would like around 3-4 short sleeve shirts from Missionary mall. My neck size is 15.5. Also pay close attention to this note. Send all mail to the mission home. i will be moving this week, so send everything there. Next note. I talked to President Rawlings about BYU application. He did my priesthood leader interview, and I want to apply for summer semester 2013. Can you get me the information I need, and sign me up and stuff when it's time. He said he would write me a reccomendation! So cool.

Thanks and love you all

Elder Perry

March 26, 2012


That is what I call an inbox!! Don't worry about writing me too much, I can print off your emails and read them and stuff. I wasn't mad last week! Rules for Natalies boy friends.... they can't be cooler than me........ actually that would restrict things for her.............. I can't believe my sister has a boyfriend and is
almost a teacher. When I get home i'll be asking to hang out with her.......... hey nat, can I get a ride with you and steve to the mall hahahahah. Super Dork!

I had a way crazy experience this morning. In Joensuu a few days before I left, I lost my CTR ring. It was gone, and had no idea where it was. This morning, around 03:00. I had a dream that I was at the airport, and I was home. You all had just passed by in a car coming to meet me. Then I suddenly woke up. It was another reminder to me that my time is short here, and I need to push even harder. I woke
up, and my hand touched something hard, right under my hand. It was my ring. My CTR ring I lost in Joensuu. I had prayed that I would find it somehow, and I got it!!! It was another testimony to me that Heavenly Father is aware of me, and loves me. I knelt on my bed, and said a prayer of gratitude kind of freaked out haha. But I felt
Heavenly Fathers love.

We have had a very good week. I was on splits in Mikkeli, and the night I got there it was late, and we just kind of threw a plan together in order to go to bed. However President Rawlings words came into my mind the next morning. "Carefully plan to accomplish everything the Lord has called you to do that day. Hour by Hour." We
talked about our plan, and made some minor changes. As we went throughout the day, we were feeling very good. We found a few potentials, and it was good. But as we kept going, it just got even better. We were contacting, and we decided to contact this girl. She smiled and said, My boyfriend is a member, and I have a book of mormon which I've been reading. I'm todella interested! It was so cool. We
were just like, uh... okay, uh what's your phone number haha. Referral!!!! Apparently the Missionaries in Savonlinna have been praying for her with her boyfriend. And now she is taking the discussions from them! I know the Lord blesses us when we use His time wisely.

I am grateful for my Heavenly Father, who has taught me a lot. I know He lives. I can't describe how, but it's like pure knowledge that is just there. I am grateful for my testimony. I am also so grateful for you mom, and dad. Each email I recieve gives me some guidance on where I need to go next in the work.

It is good to hear that everything is well with all my grandma's! I'm wondering, I sent a package to grandma perrys' home.

Te olette niin hienoa!

Suurella Rakkaudella,

Elder Perry