Elder William Perry's Mission Address

Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29, 2012 (abt 124 days left)

Hi family! Mom I wanted to say thank you for helping me get all of that registration started. I will type up those essays today hopefully, or by next week. I have decided not to be a procrastinator. I am thinking about majoring in mechanical engineering or physics. Perhaps I'll do a bachelors in m.e. and a minor in physics. I think that those degree's will give me a wide variety of options for graduate school. I also would like to apply to the University of Utah, and USU. I want to see what kinds of programs they have in biomedical engineering, and architectural engineering. I want to have my options open. I definately think that would be cool. However engineering and physics field is sounding good to me. I know it is going to take work and concentration buy I know I can do anything with the Lords help. If you could send me information via postage that would be great! So this week was absolutely crazy! However all in all I believe that it was a very successful week. All I can say is I truly do love the Lord. Sometimes it's easy especially as a mission leader to take everything upon your own shoulders, and to just go out and work hard. However I was reminded this week through studies and prayers that THIS IS THE LORDS WORK! He knows how to do his own work. Regardless of talents or personal abilities we need to do things His way! I can honestly say that everything fell through this week! We had at least 10 lessons fall through with investigators, members, and recent converts! However I am proud to say that I didn't get frustrated!!! I am so grateful to the Lord that he helped me to be patient. I know the importance of pressing forward when it seems like were stuck rather than giving in to the challenge. The Lord has really been softening my heart and changing me to love more, and judge less. He is helping me to see the bigger picture than just numbers. We still worked hard and we were able to pull through with 16 total lessons! We had a cool experience! Basically our whole day fell through Saturday, and we decided to just pull of on the side of the rode and say a little prayer and we felt we should go tracting. We have decided to spend our times tracting in places were we know we can find future stable leaders, and families. We felt like we should go to one house. We knocked on the door, and we talked with this man about the Book of Mormon, he wasn't interested. Then Elder Bushman started talking with him about his religion, he invited us in (it was pretty cold outside). We stood in his doorway and listened to him, and taught him for about 30 minutes about the restoration and principles of the gospel. In the end of things he ended up taking a book of mormon and we promised him that we would visit his church sometime. Which we will. I asked him if we could sit with him, and he said he doesn't really go haha!! But we will check it out for a bit or so. I really believe there is power in praising people for the truths they hold dear to them. Sometimes we are so quick to judge or to point out faults just because we have the fulness. Just because we have the fulness doesn't mean they are evil people and they should join our church or go to hell. We really just had a good week! We have really just been trying to work hard to help the members understand how committed we are to the work. We have met with several members asking them to whom we should go in the branch and out. We are setting up times when we can come and go with them to their friends who are less active, and (hopefully in the near future) non members. We are having fun, and finding, and loving these people! Even in our toughest situations we can find peace knowing that this is the Lords work. Elder Bushman in a great example to me of patience. He really helps me to not get discouraged when things don't work out. Because things always work out. I testify of the Lords power to communicate with us and tell us what we need to know in our callings. I testify about the power of the Savior to change our attitudes and desires if we just come unto Him. I testify that this is His church. This is the only church in all the world that has all of Gods authority to administer the ordinances of the gospel. Yesterday we were meeting with some members. We taught them about praying for missionary opportunities. Our recent convert jumped in and just started talking and talking and talking... analogy after analogy... finally the dad jumped in and said................"Yeah, thank you Elder's for coming, thanks for the principles you taught................... hopefully we do something.......................!" I bursted out laughing when he said that! We said a closing prayer, and I couldn't stop laughing hard in the prayer!!!! SINNNNEERRRRR! It reminds me of a quote I heard from my dad, "Son, you're not a bad person, you just do bad things." But way funny! Anyways, love you all, including you Natalie, Will

October 22, 2012 (abt 131 days left)

Hey! So I need to start with a few logistical things first! I have been thinking about a few options to earn some money when I get home. I was wondering how long it would take to do the woodland fire fighting program? It might be a good way to get some money for the school year. I have a friend out here that made a lot of money doing it, so I thought I would at least look into it. Secondly, What is going on with the registration at BYU? When can I start everything? I promise I'm not getting trunky! I'm just trying to be prepared so I don't come home to a mess. Dad I got the slip in the mail today that I have a package! I am going to go get it right now! HAHA I read on the slip btw that there are books in there! Our mission president said we can only read the missionary library! However I'm sure there are probably some good pictures in them! Thank you so much for everything! My comp, Elder Bushman is a way good wrestler! I told him that I wrestled in 2nd grade... awkward... anyways he has been teaching me how to wrestle and stuff. I HAVE BEEN GETTING DOMINATED!!! However there is only one way to learn haha. It is a very good workout in the morning. I have so many stories but such little time! We have been mad men up here working like crazy! I feel like every one of my abilities has been challenged and tested to ultimately come out on top through Christ's atonement. I can't even describe some of the challenges we have faced. However regardless of the challenges it all goes back to some principles that the Lord has emphasized in my learning this last little while. PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!!! I think the only thing that Perry's have in common with the word patience is the first letter in both words!!! However I have felt the Lord help me to understand it the way He does to an extent. I think the biggest thing is patience with myself, but everything has been working out. The Lord always comes out on top. We were able to hold compi exchanges with the district leader from Rovaniemi (where Santa is) thursday. It was so great to be with him. It was him and I down here in Oulu. We found this way prepared guy! We gave him the Book of Mormon and set a return appointment. He was way interested! We went back to teach him, and the Lord really softened his heart. It reminded me of always following the promptings that come. Even if it's the slightest thought to go do something, do it. I have noticed that sometimes the things that seem out of the way, or uncomfortable is the spirit telling us to put off the natural man, and go do something! I have really noticed a difference in my mission as I have just gone and tried the idea's that come. We also had an amazing lesson with our new investigator. When we arrived she was finishing cooking for her family. We asked her right away, can we help you?? I cut the potato's whilst avoiding my fingers! I think that is when there was a turning point in our relationship with our investigator. We felt more like her friend to her it seemed like. Our member played with her kids and talked to her like a friend. A few minutes later after we helped her, we talked about how we can recognize God's hand in our lives. She told us how as she has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying, she has felt like the Lord has given her more energy to accomplish the things she needs to do. She woke up one morning and just prayed that God would give her the strength to do everything she needed that day. She felt a sense of peace come over her, as if it came from someone else. It is so cool to see the principles taught go into action!! I am so grateful the Lord is softening the hearts of our investigators! We now have a baptismal date with her! At this second her boyfriend is not interested, but the Lord will get him! I thank you both for everything! I was excited to hear about the deer hunt! I am excited to get back out there! We have some serious practice to attend to with the .270. Hopefully I don't scope myself again in the face! Mommy, don't be sick anymore. If it makes you feel better mom, I am not perfect in the Finnish language haha... I am doing good, but not perfect! Keep your head up! love, Elder Perry

October 15, 2012 ( abt 138 days left)

Hey, This week went extremely fast! We found a few different people this week, and we also had zone conference which is always crazy! I am actually very happy looking back on the results from this week. I so have a pretty funny story.. So talk about my most awkward moment ever... in zone conference... as a new zone leader... in the middle of our message... Anyways, there is a special musical number, namely, I know that my Redeemer lives. After the song we get up, and I testify of the song, and the message we are sharing (30 missionaries people including President were present). I notice the sisters in our city giggle, anyways I go to pick up my paper on my chair; look down, and my belt is undone!!!! I look over at my friend, one of the assistants, and he just laughs into his hand. DANG IT!!! I fixed myself, and went on with the message which went very well in the end of things. I told President about it, and asked WHY DIDN'T YOU WARN ME!!?? He honestly didn't notice haha, which is good! Right now we are really focusing on teaching families who can contribute to and strengthen the branch. We are teaching a mom, and we are trying to get her husband to join. However the mom is progressing very well, and we are very excited! Another funny story however, is in the middle of the teach we are sitting there and her one year old comes up and wants some food... from mom... no literally from mom... She asks if it bothers us if she breast feeds her child as she is pulling up her shirt... I was scarred permanently. I could not concentrate or speak Finnish haha. It was pretty weird... no blanket... nothing... just baby, mom, and innocent Elder Perry holding his picture book of the first vision far enough in front of him to block the view. It really probably wasn't that bad. Elder Bushman and I have really been trying to focus on finding. We are working towards our vision, and loving life! One of our investigators gave us a referral of one of her neighbors when we asked, do you know anyone who needs help? We went over the next day and contacted this older woman and she said we could come back and do service for her! As we did ten doors around the house, we tracted into this older woman who happened to be the mother of a member. She answered the door, and we just talked to her for a minute. The first thing she said was, "I have a grandson doing the same work your doing in Utah." We talked about him, and she said that we can come back sometime with her son to talk with her. Kind of a cool experience. As far as conjugating words in Finnish mom, it is nothing short of a miracle. I honestly could not have come this far in learning Finnish without the Lord's help. I find myself understanding new things every day that seemed impossible just a few months or weeks ago. It is cool to see Him guide the words that we speak as we seek to speak what he would say. Yesterday we came with one of our investigators to one of Presidents fireside's about the prophet Joseph Smith. As I sat down and started getting comfortable, President motioned for me to come over to him. I got up, and he told me that he wanted me to teach the first vision when he tells me to. He started and then motioned for me to stand up at the pulpit, and I went up. As I said Joseph Smiths words and paused to look out at the crowd I felt the Spirit testifying to people that it is true. Those kinds of unplanned things in front of large groups of people would have killed me awhile ago, but as we just pray that the Lord will speak through us, we notice a difference in the words that come out. My confidence in the Lord has grown exponentially, and as a result my confidence in myself has grown. Whenever I say to myself that I don't think I can do something, I remember, maybe I can't but He can. I rely on that knowledge everyday, and I trust Him. We are working to grow this branch and area. It will grow, and move forward. We find who we want to find. We accomplish what we want to accomplish. I am extremely optimistic about the future in this area! We have been working with branch leaders and members, and I know the Lord is preparing His elect to receive this message. We just have to keep going, and doing things in His timing. I love you, Elder Perry ps. Dad I hope you send me something from the army base in mississippi! I am anxiously waiting for that package!

October 8, 2012 (abt 145 days left)

I'm trying to catch up, sorry I got so behind on his posts. ******************************************************************* Well hello, This week was so awesome! The baptism went great, except... ya know I'll just tell the story. So we are sitting in the baptismal service. They annouce that the missionaries will be singing a musical number... Elder Perry is searching for his song book... can't find it... still can't find it... announces to congregation that he can't find it... goes out in the foyer and finds it!! I was sweating bullets haha. The nightmares of a missionary! However everything went well. We watched general conference here at the church with him in English, and he looked at me while that one larger guy was singing a solo, and said, hey man is that your brother! HAHA it was so hilarious! It was so great! We taught one of our investigators this week before conference and we promised him that if he watched conference with a question, it would be answered! He came and watched it, and after Sunday morning session (for you guys) he walked out! His countenance had changed, and he seemed at peace. He said that he was very touched by Elder Hollands talk. We were so excited, and it reminded me of the importance of conference. When we're growing up, we took it so much for granted!! Like for real, okay class who is the prophet today? ugggghhhhh... Thomas s. Monson... where's the doughnut's?? What happens when we die? uggghhhh we go to the spirit world....... can i leave?? HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD TRAVEL MILES TO REALLY KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THOSE QUESTIONS!!! I am so grateful for conference. i luuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvv it! On a more serious note it was so great to see our investigator get baptized. As i watched him go under the water I felt Heavenly Father in essence say, "Thank you so much." It was a miracle to see him change after baptism. His whole attitude change, and i could tell he felt so much peace. He said,"i feel like I carried a heavy bag, and now I don't have to carry it anymore. I feel so light inside." I know that the power of the atonement touched his heart. I know that baptism is the gate we need to enter to return to Heavenly Father's presence. It brought peace to my heart to know that at least one more of God's children are on the right path. Given I don't know what will happen to him, but I do know that God know's. We were able to take the night train down to Helsinki for zone leader counsel. It was a great meeting, and it really brought a lot of things to light in my mind. It brought to mind the importance of my motives, and why I do things. We do things such as: set baptismal goals, tract, talk to people etc... because we love our Heavenly Father, and we believe He can work through us. We gratefully submit to His will, accepting His timing, because of that love. Nothing is too hard for the Lord, and it doesn't have to be hard for us as we understand that, and see things from his perspective. I love Him. I have seen how patient He is with me, in helping me to just be happy, and love this work. I am developing a love for this work stronger than it has ever been before. I am starting to love it more than life itself. Without it, and Him, I don't know where I would be, or be doing. I have never loved people so strongly, or cared about someone so intensely as I have here in Finland for this people. I don't know how many people read my email's, maybe it is only you two, and grandma, but I want to testify to you of the Saviors power to help know He lives. I know that He lives and I love Him. I strive to listen to His voice every day. He lives, and He speaks to us. If you are going through a hard time, listen, and you will hear Him. With all the love that I posses I say thank you for everything, Elder Perry

October 1, 2012 (abt 152 days left

Sorry for the delay in posting. Enjoy everyone. ********* Well hello! So this week has been very fun! I was talking to my old comp in Kouvola, and apparently another girl we taught there is getting baptized this month! It is so amazing to see the fruits finally, after so much work! We got our change calls and Elder Pope and I are splitting up! Elder Pope is going down to Turku in the south. It has been way fun to serve with him, and we have had nothing but fun together. My new companion is coming up on Tuesday. His name is Elder Bushman, and he was in my district back in Kouvola when I first got there. He is a pretty good friend of mine, so we'll see how it goes. This morning Elder Pope asked me what change i'm in, and I couldn't remember haha. We have been working so hard, and I try not to think about coming home. But yesterday I was talking to one of the sister missionaries in our branch and she apparently is coming home in our group. She was like we go home way soon! And then it hit me........... I am getting old here.......... DANG IT! But i'm loving life here as a missionary. I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else. This next week we will be having two baptisms here in Oulu! We have been working with one guy and he is doing great! I am so excited for him. He is from Africa, and has been here for like 2 months. He is very enthusiastic about being baptized. A man from kaajani is moving into our branch, and he will be baptized this Saturday as well. I am so excited about that. All of this is happening on General conference weekend. Way cool! That sentence must have been so lame to everyone who hears it! It makes me a little home sick to see the pictures of Utah in the broadcast of GC. I always think about what you guys are doing, and stuff. I still want you to know that i haven't changed. I still sneak snacks into the session, and stuff. So we go to visit a part member family, and their daughter is learning English. I am sitting with my back towards the mom, and the daughter is sitting on my right side. Mom starts to quiz daughter on English words, namely colors. She said," what is the color for green in English?" Elder Perry answers, GREEN!...Insert awkward silence... and mom looks and says, "Oh sorry, i was quizzing my eight year old daughter!!!" one word.....DUUUUNNNNCCCCEEEE!!! Another funny story happened yesterday. We went over to a members house to eat lunch, and she is a single lady with a daughter. We of course had our member there. All of the sudden she the mom slices through her finger nail, and into the skin of her pinkie finger. She comes up to us eventually and asks elder pope, do you know how to cut off part of the finger nail that was hanging down, and Elder pope says, "UHH.. no." Really fast, and so I had to do it!! She gave me these scissors, and there is blood all over her hand! She cut herself very bad! I performed my first operation! The only thing i did was cut part of the fingernail off of the tip of her finger. Way funny! Thank you mom for sending me the thing. I have prayed about it, and thought about it, and i really feel that Obama should remain as President. It is so important that everyone get's taken care of by the government. I think it is great what's going on with the healthcare thing. ;) (This is where mom, reaches through computer screen, and chokes out her former son.) I can't wait to see your pictures and stuff! I hope they come today! I love you all, and am so excited to hear that everyone is doing well. love you, Elder Perry ps. you totally thought I was serious... haha. Mom just go get a drink, and relax!! love you!