Elder William Perry's Mission Address

Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13, 2011

Hello there,
So this week, really really intense. It has been kind of hecktik and frustrating. The Lord has taught me a very interesting lesson on patience this week. Patience is the one christ-like attribute that I am struggling with. He has shown me how much I really do need him.
I am disappointed in some of our investigators, some of which have recognized us as the Lords servants, but flat out rejected us. It is so heart- breaking to show up at a teach, excited to share the gospel, and getting a Book of Mormon shoved back at you. People don't understand the power that comes from that book! It is perfectly translated, no one has tampered with it. It is evidence that what we have to say is valid. People always say, there are so many churches in the world... hmmm.. I wonder which one is right..??? Well let me show you dummy!! haha The book of mormon contains evidence that Joseph Smith is a prophet (it was translated by him through the power of God). If Joseph Smith is a prophet then every priciple given through him by the Lord is true. The validity of our church is hanging on the Book of Mormon.

haha this week has actually been pretty good. It has been a good learning experience. We actually have had a very successful week. We recieved 3 new investigators, moving us up to 10 invesigators.. 4 of which are progressing towards baptism. I am so grateful. Wu (our chinese investigator who "was" athiest) finally prayed!! I jumped up when she told me, she has been struggling with that concept for a long time. She did it!! She felt the peace that comes from it. I hope she keeps going.

We were out contacting and we ran into this other chinese man who is from Kuopio, which is south about two hours. We talked to him, and he said he was meeting with the missionaries there. 10 minutes after we had left him, our district leader called from Kuopio and said,"Our investigtor called (this man) and said he is stoked to get back into the lessons. Apparently they were about to drop him because he just wasn't crazy interested, or something along those lines. I was so stoked!! Dudeeeee!!! The Lord is helping us here. He shows us so many miracles every single day, but sometimes I feel bad for not giving him all the credit. I hope you don't think i am sharing these stories to brag. haha I'm a tall linky kid, who can barely iron his shirt, and keep his pants on straight!!! But I am grateful for my companion. Our goal has been to be 100 percent obediant to every single rule. I am so grateful for his example to me. We both are up when we are suppose to, out when we are suppose to be, and we are really good about being in bed by 10:30. Except sometimes we talk, but that doesn't count!!!

The real miracle this week came from the Book of Mormon. In Preach my Gospel, and our Mission President, gave us challenge to read the B.O.M a certain way. In one color you highlight any referrance to the Lord (in red), in another color you highlight his attributes (blue), in another color you highlight his actual words, when it says something like "Thus saith the Lord" (in yellow), in another color you mark specific principals taught in the book of mormon (in green). Reading this way has consummed me. I have come to know the Lord in a way that I never have before. It has transformed the way I pray at night to Heavenly Father. You really see how alive the Lord really is.

Haha this morning in personal study, I skipped breakfast to read. I started and later looked at my clock..... I had been reading for over an hour!! It makes you slow down and really see who is talking here. I invite you to do the same. First off, get a copy of Preach my gospel and study it. PMG is how the Lord would do missionary work.
It is amazing to see how close he really is to each of us, and how much heavenly father really does know us and our needs. Every day He shows me, and tells me the fact that he does have a plan for everyone.
Finland is so much fun here. My District Leader and I went on splits, and we went to a service project in the country side. It was nice not being in the city, and so unbelievably beautiful. It is however so freakin hot!! The humidity is crazy, but we have a lot of fun. I am going to develop pictures today for both of you. Keep telling me about what's going on in the outside world! The Finns here talk about weird stuff that is happening... so, keep me posted.
Love you both,

June 6, 2011

Hello America!!
Well as you can expect, another amazing week down in beautiful country of Finland. We spent a few days down at a leadership training meeting down in Helsinki which was so fun! We stayed at an amazingly small apartment in the city (Neitsytpolku is the street) with six people staying there!! We had so much fun, but six guys in a one bedroom apartment!! Gross!! But I made a ton of friends. I saw some of the older Finns from the MTC, they are like six weeks ahead of me. I went on splits with one of them, and we had a blast. I have a bunch of amazing miracles to share with you this week!! Fasten your seat belt!!! Get the popcorn!!
First one: We went to visit this former investigator who lives on the outskirts of Helsinki in Espo I believe. Elder Nielsen had taught her before, but she wasn't keeping commitments so he had to drop her. Anyways... we went and it was literally like walking into a personal Hell. Her home felt so unbelievably miserable, but she agreed to visit with us. We talked with her, and her past was so sad. She had been abused by someone a few years ago. Heavy into smoking. on, and on... We taught her about the Book of Mormon.. there were four of us there (because missionaries can't teach a single lady without someone else). I didn't understand her Finnish but I did understand the spirit. While the others were talking with her, I was lost in my thoughts about what I should say. I was in a sense looking to Heaven. I knew that I didn't understand her past or what she needed to hear, but God did. All the sudden Elder sharp said,"Do you want to say something?" I looked and said, Uhh??? but then I felt I should testify about Jesus Christ. I looked into her eyes, and did so. We gave her a commitment to read 2nd Nephi 31, and she said she would. We made an appointment for the following day.
We came back and asked if we could have the lesson outside. We went to this little pavilion, and taught her. There was something different in her eyes. She had light, hope, and she even laughed. She was different. We sang to her,"I am a child of God," and the spirit was so strong. She committed to be baptized down in Espo , and I was so happy. Oh by the way, this happened all in about 24 hours. Although I'll never see her again, I love her. The gospel brings light and hope to people in their darkest hour. This lady was changed. It also gave me a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon. I think a lot of us take it for granted. This book has power to change lives. I can honestly say, I have never seen someone so unbelievably low, and depressed, and in pain. But now she is changed. If she keeps her commitments, and keeps going, she will be able to let go of her past, and let Christ heal her.
Second one: I was down in Helsinki with one of the elders' I met in the MTC named Elder Merkley. We decided to do splits, and go contact a referral in the northern part of the city. Needless to say...................... we didn't get there haha. We took so many trains, in so many wrong directions, but we worked really hard to talk to as many people as possible. Oh by the way, he is only six weeks older than me!! It was so much fun! We didn't understand very much, but who cares. We had the spirit, we were happy, and that's all that matters. The Lord gave us much success. Even though we didn't speak the language very well, we gave out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon, and we got 3 phone numbers!! I have started to realize that when you rely on the Lord, it doesn't matter if you have weaknesses. He will always compensate. Haha however that doesn't mean we don't have to work our little behindes off!!
I have learned a lot about the principle of Obediance. Obediance really does bring blessings. I love the 130 section of the Doctrine and Covenants, I believe it is verse 20. It says,"If we obtain any blessing, it is by obediance to the law upon which is predicated to us." If we want success we have to be obediant. It is literally that simple. We have commited ourselves to being 100 percent obediant, 100 percent of the time. Sometimes we make mistakes, but hey!! I'm human!! you make a mistake, repent and move on. One thing I could work on is being more diligent. Now hear me out,
Saturday we went on a 15 to 20 mile bike ride to go visit some members here in Joensuu. Ahhhhh!!! pedal, pedal, pedal, (insert gasp for air here) pedal, pedal hahahaha it was great!! It builds character... anyways the next day we had a bunch of teaches, and then we went to visit sister Peltonin another 3 mile bike ride I think haha, and then we had to come home and do our weekly planning meeting with takes 3 hours. I was so exhausted. I was dozing off like crazy. I know i'm human, and not superman (Even though people mistake me for him... which is a different story) anyways..... but I keep thinking about how the Savior kept going when he was exhausted. Given.. He is God, but i still want to work towards that. I know we have been so blessed because of working so hard, and being obediant, and I don't want to loose that.
This work is so challenging, in every aspect. Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally. Last week we went to visit a man, who we met on the street and he is an alcoholic, we didn't teach him obviously, but we set a return appointment for yesterday. He promised us both He wouldn't drink. Yet, when we showed up, he of course had. It broke my heart. I know this gospel can help him, and he procrastinating his repentance. It really is so studpid. But we're not giving up on him. We love him, and he has so much potential.
I am learning so much out here. I really do enjoy the hard work. There is no better feeling in this world, than going to bed saying," I did my best today, I gave my all." Gosh we only get an hour here at the library!! I wish i could tell you more. But know that I love you both so much. Our family really can be together forever if we are simply obediant because we love god, and that is a good enough reason. I would invite you to study it out, and test me. In the book of Malachi, the last chapter I believe it says something like, "Prove me no herewith, and see If I will not open the windows of heaven, and pour out blessings so great you will not have room to recieve them. Gosh I miss you a lot. Sometimes I think about old times, and ya...
keep smiling,