Elder William Perry's Mission Address

Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Minun Rakkas Vanhemmat,
This week has been amazing. We have had some very amazing experiences. The Lord has really shown me the reality of our stewardship here in Joensuu. I have really gained a testimony of how effective prayer is. I heard a quote from someone, can't remember who. Pray like it all depends on God, and work like it all depends on you! We have been working very hard.

We had a very cool experience with one of our chinese investigators. The last several weeks we have gone through ups and downs with her. First off, there is a language barrier, and she is communicating with us through english. Second in mainland China they don't really talk about God at all. So the concept has kind of blown her mind haha. I call her several times a week to help answer her questions, but it just wasn't working. We have been praying and praying to know what to do. We finally came in contact with a recent convert who is chinese! THANK the HEAVENS!! she talked to her, and things started to pick up. A couple days later we had a teach with her, and it was amazingly spiritual. We taught with power and authority, the spirit really helped us. I believe her heart was pricked in a sense.

We have been having a lot of fun. Elder Nielsen and I have really been trying to do what's right. He is such a good example to me. He is very loving, and a very Christ-like missionary. We went through a little spot where it was like everything the other person did was annoying haha. But we worked it out, and we relied on the Lord to help us change. I am so grateful for the Saviors atonement. I know it can help people change feelings, and aline their will with God's will.

I had kind of a funny experience. We were teaching one of our investigators. She is like 17 haha. But for some reason I was struggling in Finnish. We were teaching and I said something dumb, and I don't even know what happened. I busted out laughing in the middle of the teach! I couldn't stop haha it was so funny.

On splits Elder Linden and I went contacting and tracting for like 5 hours straight! One step... in front.. of other... whewww.. and this guy came up to us and said," Why the !e** do you guys always smile! We told him haha and he said," don't give me that #%4#!!" haha this is fun... anyways he said I don't need that Book of Mormon, I have the bible. I read that #"6Ä forward and backward, left and right! And we asked him about God, and He said, I don't believe in God!! What are you Crazy!? interesting................ by the way He was carrying a big bottle of red wine. and had a huge beer belly with no shirt on... not pretty. But it was good to be able to say I am happy because of this Book and Gospel.

Now down to business, My teacher from the MTC is coming to Finland in a couple weeks. If you want you can send my blue Fred Book with her. Her name is Piret Luik. She is estonian, and kind of short, but definately one of my favorite people i've met on my mission. And give her a hug for me, couldn't give them in the MTC haha.

Dad I can't wait to go camping again! Sometimes I think about when we went camping up Hobble creek cannyon. Those were good times. Nothing like a hot dog, and grabbing Maya out from the Fire!! She is the master of disaster haha. Thank you for the pictures of the jets. I took a picture on my camera, and developed it, and everytime I am at lunch I drool over it. Good stuff.

Mom Im writing you a letter. But if you could contact Sisär Luik, she could probably get things here faster. Thank you so much by the way for everything. I love you so much.

I miss both of you, and love you both so much. I try everyday to do what's right so that when I come home I can look you both in the eye and say I did my best. In the MTC I actually had a dream about the day I came home. And it is coming sooner than I anticiapted. I have almost been out for five months! that's crazy.

Anyways all is good here. The week went very well.

Vanhin P to the will

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Hello Vanhemmat,

This week has been very interesting. I have had some very interesting experiences. First of all we had Kieli koulu down in Helsinki which was really fun. It is language school where we talk about our language study plans, and certain things like that. I really liked it. Haha it is so hard typing in english because I keep wanting to put finnish cases on all the words!! Anyways... we have seen a lot of Miracles. I love emailing home because it is a chance to count my blessings, and really think about the success we have recieved.

I want you both to know of the reality of the Savior. It seems as though we can literally hear His voice in our heads. Telling us what we need to do. Dad told me, "sometimes God let's us suffer for awhile." It is part of our growing process. I have learned things that I am so grateful for.

On the train ride to Helsinki I gave a baptismal commitment to someone on the train!! It was hilarious, she said no! But i still went for it. Our District Leader gave us the commitment to do it on the train, and so I went for it. We actually gave her a Book of Mormon, and it was really sweet.

I am so grateful to hear both of your stories, and it inspires me to see how you are living the gospel in both your lives. Remember "there is no other name given under heaven whereby man can be saved." Christ is so real. I think I take that for granted sometimes. A relationship with Him is something that money can't buy, and it's something that you cannot fake. You either have one or you don't haha.

So mom, we made your corn chowder soup, and it turned out very good. We made a ton, and I like it a lot. I am gonna have to make a list of the things I need haha. Those corn torrtilas hit the spot too haha. We invented meals using them.. Ah!! they were so good. Thank you so much for your package, and those M&M's are long gone... I actually need a couple things from home: I need my Blue Finnish Grammer Book by Fred karlson. I was a dunce for sending that home. I need you to send Taco seasoning like no other haha. American taco seasoning is so much better than the Finn stuff.

Anyways, about the veggies you were talking about, you will be proud to know that I eat them every day! I love squash now. We stir fry them. I am really excited because I have been saving so much money. I didn't have to buy a bike, or coats or any clothes really haha. So today i am going to go buy a legite finnish journal. I was praying about how I could improve my study plan, and make it more effective and I felt like I should start a journal in Finnish. It is kind of weird to be excited about that but... I don't even care. I have really developed a desire to learn the language. Heavenly Father has been helping me there big time.

I love walking with people and being able to understand what they're saying. Sometimes I just nod my head and pretend I understand, and then ask if we can make an appointment ;) They don't even know though, because I'm really good at pretending to understand haha. (You would know about that attribute of mine.. huh mom....)

Dad could you send me some Kiwi black shoe polish, i'm running out. and if you could send some cool aid packets that would be sweet. I have been living it up on the cool aid. I think that is so awesome about the car show, but the Dodge Durrango!! What the heck! That's like trying to sell ice over the internet!!

I wish I could have seen the boys, and I haven't recieved a letter from them! Tell them to get on that!

Well anyways I hope you have a good week to both of you. Spiritual thought of the week comes from 3 Nephi 13:11 "If ye then, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father who is in Heaven give good things to them that ask him?" We have a perfect Heavenly Father who can help us with anything. This is the Savior talking, and I want you both to really ponder that. Read it, and think about what things you stand in need of, or things you really need help with to improve on. I want to testify to the reality of this promise. Although they don't come on our time table...... they do come.

Raakaudella, Sinun Poikasi
Vanhin Perry

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

(This weeks letter is pretty short)

Things have been going very well here in Joensuu, but this week has been a very tough week. My favorite quote that I actually read today is by C.S. Lewis. He said,"The work of devils, and dark forces is never more certain than defeated when Men and Women, take a look at their lives from whence every trace of God seems to be lost, and they feel unbelievably forsaken, but they still bow their heads and say Thy will be done, and are obedient." It's not word for word, but it's close haha.
This quote really keeps me going. Even though things get tough, He is always there for us.

The Lord is blessing us in so many different ways, and I am so grateful for His love. There is a scripture in the Book of Jacob that says,"soften your heart, and cleave unto God, as He cleaveth unto you." I have learned so many different times just here in the mission that Heavenly Father is very close to each one of His children. But He has to let us grow. Sometimes he has to let us suffer a little bit, but that doesn't mean He ever leaves us.

I want you to know that i have a testimony. I know that God show's His children He loves them. He is in everyone's life. He never leaves. "We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today, Heavenly Father see's us in terms of Forever. Although we might settle for less, Heavenly Father won't, for He see's us as the glorious being's we are capable of becoming (Joseph B. Worthlin). It doesn't matter what our concerns are, He can help us overcome them. We simlpy just have to have faith, and press forward.


Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Oh my gosh, funny week haha.

We had the most amazing week here in good old Suomi!! First amazing story. A few weeks ago we met this really nice girl who has the most amazing testimony of Jesus Christ! We talked to her, and stuff, but when I asked for her number, she said, "Well, if God wants me to meet you again, then he'll set it up." We smiled and said okay.. see you soon haha. We were sitting in a teach with another girl, and my eye literally started killing. It got unbelievably red, and swollen, I was dying. But we got through the lesson, and I felt like I should go to the optic store down town on the way home. I bought some eye gel (14 Euro's by the way) and we headed for home. On the way she was walking dead towards us. I saw her first and said,"No way!!!!" We literally talked for an hour. I was still dying haha but you know what they say.... take one for the team. However we got her phone number, and she actually gave us a referral haha. Cool beans...

Elder Nielsen and I went up to Oulu to meet the new president. These two girls came up to us on the train and started talking to us.. but then we just contacted them, and they had to leave haha.

Anyways.... He is exactly what we need right now! He gave us some amazing advice. Everytime you meet someone, pray that Heavenly Father will show His love for them through you. It has been amazing! Elder Larsen and I went on splits up in Oulu. He was in my district in the MTC. We set our goals, and prayed that Heavenly Father would help us accomplish our goals, and we did amazing. Neither of us speak very good Finnish, but we just went for it! It is so legit. I am so grateful for the love God shows to His children.

I used to be so intimidated to speak Finnish by myself. But I just decided to go for it. One of my favorite things is finding my biggest fear, and getting over it. So talking with Finns was my biggest fear, so I got over it. Yesterday I went up to everyone that I could before the meeting started and talked with them. It has been so much fun. The language is starting to click, but I still butcher about every sentence haha! I can understand a lot though.

So yesterday while we were teaching our golden contact and her friend we were teaching this guy from the United States (haha). At the end of the lesson we asked her to pray, and she said an amazing heartfelt prayer. (Haha) But after that, her friend held out both his hands to shake Elder Nielsen and my hand. We of course shook, but he grabbed our hands and started praying (haha) we were like standing up. We looked at each other and almost busted out laughing, but we sat down and had another prayer (haha). They are both really religious, and I hope they see us as God's reprasentatives.

I can't emphasize enough to you how much my life has changed just this past week by following my mission presidents advice. Never leave someone you meet without them knowing that you love them!!! I have been so much happier, and things have been so much easier to deal with. That is my suggestion to you both. Try it. The scriptures say,"Pray that God will fill you with this love." There is great power that comes from just letting someone know that you care. The prophets tell us that,"True love, beareth all things, beliveth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." If people lived their life based on that concept, relationships would not fail. Because that is how Christ loves us. His way will never fail.

I'm glad that you both got my pictures. I wish I could send you more, but it is so expensive to print pictures here. It is Elder Nielsens birthday tomorrow, and I am trying to figure out what I should get him. Is it selfish that I want to get him something that he'll have to give me when he goes home in a month?? hmm... I don't think so.. However I have to hand over my queen size bed, and take the twin! lame.. but it's all good.. I'm pretty sure i'm going to be in Joensuu for awhile, so I'll just take it back next change.

I miss you both so much. I have really been trying to make you proud by my actions. Although I make mistakes everyday obviously, I have been trying to live my mission without regrets. So far, I feel like I have been trying to do everything I can to be obediant. I wish I could tell you both more. Happy 4th of July!! Thank you dad for everything you have done to serve our country.

Mom I am making your potato soup this sunday, and I am really excited. We have been traveling so much and it has been so busy, that It has been hard to cook it. But I miss you a lot, and I will try to send more chocolate and stuff.
I really want you both to try the challenge, and advice my mission president gave. Especially for you Dad on I-15!! haha jk

Thank you so much for everything, love you
Vanhin Peru (that's how you pronounce Perry in Finnish)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 27, more pictures from Helsinki and Joensuu

The Train Station in Helsinki

Elder Nielsen and Perry on the way to Joensuu, he wrote, "I was freaking out!"

Lutheran Cathedral in Joensuussa

The LDS Church Building in Joensuu

"Neitsytpolku" Helsinki

Castle in Savonlina "District Meeting"

Service Project in Joensuu for William's Bishop. He's planting potatoes

Elder's Nielsen and Perry

Elder William Perry

Tuomio Kirkko - the Lutheran Church in Helsinki

Power Planning! The most sacred ordinance known to man.

Elder Jones (district leader) and William on his first Splits in Joensuu

June 27 Pictures

William in front of the Helsinki temple.


Williams MTC Group in front of the Helsinki Temple

Helsinki Temple

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hello there!

First of all shout out to my dad! You didn't write me!! Looks like the chocolate goes to mom this month...... haha jk

This week has been very awesome!! I feel like I have learned a lot about the importance of humility. From day one we have been having a lot of success with finding people. We really have been blessed so much by the Lord. But, I think I started to inhale it. "Look at how much success we have had... which was accomplished by us... as a result of OUR dedication, and our efforts... haha what a punk!!

I have really learned that success comes from the Lord! And when we recognized His infinite power, He really does guide our lives (Proverbs 3: 3-5). We had an awesome experience yesterday with our goals. Our district Leader talked to us about the importance of finding families (Last wednesday), and helping them specifically. So in our plans we started to set goals throughout the week. I however, for whatever reason didn't feel like we could do it. In my mind I saw myself going up to a family and saying,"Moi! Here is a pamphlet from God, read it, and call us so we can come teach you!" What the weird!!! That makes me feel awkward just picturing that. No way.... but then I realized who I work for. I humbled myself, and really tried to gain a better testimony of it.

Yesterday, we had our goal, and we said a prayer for the Lord to help us find a family. We went down by the river, on the river trail to go contacting. Elder Nielsen and I both recieved a distinct impression to go talk to a mom and her daughter. We approached them, as they were approaching us, and it didn't feel awkward at all. We talked about how much families mean to us, and about eternal families, and we gave her a proclamation to the family. We recieved her phone number, and are going to call her today to set up an appointment.

The Lord has taught me great lessons about our desires. He has also taught me about the truth about eternal priciples. The things that we focus on, will be our reward. I have learned that over and over again. If we seek to bring people to Christ... We will... If we seek to be selfish, and play the why-me?? card... we will get the reward that comes from that... pain, and misery. Everything makes sense in this gospel. It is so simple. Miracles, or growth depends on the correct application of eternal principles. It is amazing to come home everyday saying, "Wow, I saw the Lords hand today." It is so humbling to know how much he does for us in our lives. Whether it's taking away pain, or magnifying happiness. There are somedays when it's like oh my gosh it can't get better than this... and somedays when your kicking the dirt saying why-me?? why-me?? haha It starts to sound like a pathetic symphany haha. He is right there.

Funny story, let me think. So Elder Nielsen and I made a Grudge movie during juhannus (we had to go inside because it is a drinking holiday in Finland.... yeah....) and I was the Grudge. I was a really good grudge too.. basically on a scale of 1 to The best grudge in the world... I was a 73.32. Great now you think I'm some slacker missionary!! Don't judge yo!!

So I have a question Mark?? Mom can you send me a cook book, just a little basic one, because I am becoming an amazing chef. No one can compete with my home-made mash potatos.. except for Vanhin Nielsen, but he is leaving in August! "We are going to be together for another change until he goes home. I am so excited because we work very well together!! Except when he sings and whistles during personal study, hahaha love him!!

You both are the best, and mommy I miss you oodles and noodles too... not sure what that means, but love you so much!! by the way printing pictures is very expensive here so just wanted to throw that out there.

love you

(I got pictures from William this week, but I have to get them scanned before I can post them on the blog. Look for them soon)

June 20, 2011

Hello my Family!!
So dumb experience up in Oulu, cooking with the sisters, and doing dishes haha. Elder Nielsen and I were washing dishes and I we came up with a system. I would rinse, he would scrub and then we would switch. An amazing thought came to me, literally like a light bulb over my head illuminating!! I said, (in front of the sisters) you know..., it would be really something if they invented a machine to do this? Hmm... like a contraption to wash the dishes all on their own... hmm... I paused and said, "Oh no... what did I just say." YOU DUNCE!!! gosh, don't over do it Plato, don't want a vessel in the brain to burst.

Everyone was really nice about it though haha, they kept asking me if I brought my rubber sheets with me, and if I ever need any help, they were more than willing to give me help... not sure what that means, but I assured them that I don't need rubber sheets anymore.. I gave those up when i was like 16.

I'm going to be frank for a moment, even though my name is Will. Life is going very good here in Joensuu! Except we are never in it! We are always traveling to different meetings, and branches, and it is kind of hard. But the meetings are 110% neccessary. We had our last zone conferance last Saturday with President Brown in Oulu. He is so cool!! He was a seminary teacher, and he is a very visual teacher. He teaches with power and authority. He gave us the counsel to always prepare for meetings spiritually. This comes from the Book of Mosiah chapter 2 verse 9. As I have taken the counsel, and have applied it, I have seen why it's so important. We should always go to the meetings with questions, looking for direction, no matter what the meeting is.

Now I hope you can take me seriously, (clearing throat right now) okay... ready...

I have been studying, and pondering about Helaman's son Nephi (in the book of Helaman 10:4-5). He had it pretty rough in his mission. No one listened to him, or carred about what he said. It says that he was deppressed and as he was going home, after all he could do the Lord said unto him,"Blessed art thou, Nephi, for the things which thou hast done. For I have beheld how thou hast declared with unwearyingness the word which I have given unto thee. And thou hast not feard them, and has not sought thine own life. But thou hast sought my will, and to keep my commandments."

Talk about the coolest answer to a prayer!!!! But more specifically, he was so dilligent in his priesthood service. I have been thinking how can I do that? In the next verse it talks about how the Lord trusts him with his power, because he knows that Nephi won't ask for anything that is against the Lords will. I have been trying to apply that in my life. Sometimes it is easy to forget that the Lord has a plan, I'm apart of His Plan. Not the other way around.

There was a broadcast to Europe with President Erying talking to the Saints (and some other general authorities). He looked very nice, but everything was in Finnish...(insert big sigh here) jk. Anyways he focused on the importance to follow the bretheren. He said that the words of the current prophet are scripture, and are more important than any other past document of scripture. We can't fall if we seek to follow the prophet and His counsel to us.

I had a real big testimony building experience with setting goals at zone conference, and yesterday. After the meeting we went out to do some work. Elder Claig and I went out on the streets of Oulu. Before we left, I felt like I should set some goals with Him. We set our goals: place 2 copies of the Book of Mormon, and recieve 2 phone numbers. We prayed and told Heavenly Father our Goals and went out. I placed my first book of mormon without any help that day. I went up to her, introduced the B.O.M, answered her questions, and recieved her phone number without any language help from my comp!!!!!! The Lord has been helping me so much!! He has been helping me with the things that I struggle with. The statement, "Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies," is very true. Now i'm not going to say that I'm fluent of course! I can barely buy stamps at the posti!! But when it comes to his work... He makes it happen.

My mission president is so amazing. Every week we type him letters, and he gives us counsel that sometimes we didn't even ask for. He is very aware for the work going on in Finland. He turned the mission around. Finland is one of the most progressing missions in Europe right now. We are finding and baptizing more people than ever before. it is a miracle.

[Mom] We are making your potato soup on sunday, and elder Nielsen is very excited.

Dad, So those were very cool pictures, but you still haven't shown me a picture of your dang dog!!!!!! haha. I can't believe Natalie's friend drove the camero before me! In our mission, our district and zone leaders, have these little hatch back's that are funny lookin!! however very economical... . and there are extra cup holders in case you were wondering.
P.s. I am sending you both pictures this week.

Love ya,