Elder William Perry's Mission Address

Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 26, 2011

Hey, so I got your package yesterday, and thank you so much for the goodies. I have had a really awesome week!! I can't believe we have been here for over 2 months! That is insane. We have been working really hard, and also battling the anxiety of leaving soon. I love it here! I have met some really cool people, and some who are nice but are not cool by whatsoever means, haha that was mean. But seriously, there is this one elder (really nice guy, just out there) he told me, "Ya I used to play the trumphet, but then I decided that I can play better with my lips." or something like that. I was like, huh interesting, I'm glad that is working out for you, and hope you go far ;) He always sings that jungle book monkey song... and “The Circle of Life,” haha. I am nice to everybody, so this is me venting a little.

The people here are all pretty nice. I feel bad because all the guys learning Spanish are like, “dude this language is crazy, (haha),” and I just want to say, "Really, are things hard for you (haha)" I hope people don't read this letter. I really don't think that (haha), every mission has its hard aspects, and I don't know what they're going through personally, so I would never. But I think it's funny.
Now, on to the spiritual side of things. We have had two Quorum of the Twelve Apostles come and speak to us in a week. It is so cool being in the same room as them. They were all very bold and very spiritual. I love their examples, and especially when Richard G. Scott came. He is so amazing, I love listening to him talk. The gift of Tongues is coming amazingly, there are some times when I will say a word that I don't ever remember looking up. I really am not too worried about the language.
I just have been trying to be a good example, trying... (haha, I could definitely be better).
Love you both,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011

Mom, my favorite (yes, William really did say this)

Thank you so much for the packages! I have gained 50 pounds and look like I just got out of a snack pack factory! (jk) Actually, I haven't gained weight... unless pure muscle counts. Hm did I say that out loud? That's embarrassing. Anyways, things are going good! I have had the hardest, but the most rewarding week here. Things can get stressful, but a quote that I learned a long time ago came to a reality this week, "When things get too hard to stand... kneel." I cannot tell you how much comfort I have received during my stressful situations. I was sitting in a classroom so stressed out by myself over vocab that I was literally about to break down. I flipped through a hymn book and found the song, "Oh My Father." My Heavenly Father spoke to my heart, and was there for me. I cannot tell you how humbling it was. Tears could not be constrained, and I knelt and expressed my love for my Heavenly Father and my Heavenly Mother. I know they're there. When I first got here sister told us, "Be the kind of missionary your mother thinks you are."

I am so grateful for you Mommy, and I am also grateful for my Heavenly Mother. There is a special spirit that comes about when I talk about you and her. It is an interesting topic.

We are pushing ourselves to speak only in Finnish from breakfast to dinner. I have noticed a difference in my teaching. last night after my lesson, Elder Orr said, "Where did you learn all that?" The gift of tongues is real. Elder Scott, last night, came and conferred upon us the gift of tongues apostolically. It was an amazing feeling being in the same room (30 yards away) from someone who has possibly felt the prints in the Savior's hands.

Everyday I try to be like Him, and fail miserably (which is good). I know that the Lord helps us through our weaknesses (Ether 12:27). It is amazing how close we can be to our Savior if we are but obedient. I have come to realize how imperfect I am. But, I have also come to realize the grace and mercy the Savior gives to me. I cannot express to you how watched over I am. There are some days when you literally have to call down angels to help you make it through that day, and somehow find the faith to learn ust one more grammar principle, just one more word, just help one more person.

As I have strived not to worry about home and myself, I have realized how many people I can help. There are so many people all around us who need us, who need help. If we forget ourselves and worry about them, our brothers and sisters, there is no greater happiness in this world or the world to come. I finally have learned that lesson. Forget yourself and go to work.

My teacher told me, "Try and serve each person in your district everyday." I have been trying to find some small way to do that. There has been no worrying about anything, as I have been doing that. I love you so much mom. And, I can't tell you how much those packages and notes, etc, mean to me. "I came not into the world to do mine own will, but the will of Him who sent me." When we take the Savior's example into our lives... there is no possible outcome other than pure happiness that is not attainable anywhere else.

I love you so much
Vanhin Perry
PS I get my travel plans and Visa two weeks from tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011

William's newest post: Things are pretty good. I have learned a lot this week that I think will help me my whole life. Elder Orr and I had a rough middle of the week. I think that everything started getting to us, so finally, I had had it with the drama so I pulled him aside into a different room and we had a little comp inventory. I basically said, "Elder, you and I would probably not be friends outside of here, and that's fine... but we're here now. Our companionship is inspired and we are going to work together without all the drama and crap" (for lack of better terms). Oh by the way he is an army ranger - talk about staring the bull in the eye! We knelt down and prayed (this was right before our lesson) I offered the prayer that the Lord would soften both our hearts so we could teach with the spirit and be happy with each other. I decided that I needed to stop judging him, because I know he has problems just like me that he is working on. I prayed about a way that I could work this out so I could always have the spirit with me. What I do is everytime I'm about to judge someone I sing a hymn or a song or something and it works. I am so grateful that the Lord has helped me with my weakness because I know without a doubt I could not do this alone. Ether 12:27. We had some awesome teaches this week. Elder Orr and I taught a lesson on Monday in English and we taught with the spirit. The other missionaries looked like they were about to cry or something (this is a good thing I hope). My first lesson in Finnish was awesome! It was like Finnish was natural to me at that moment. When they asked questions, I was able to understand by the spirit, and answer those questions by the spirit. I know without a doubt that the spirit is everything in missionary work. The thing that sets us apart as missionaries from missionaries of other churches is the fact that we literally have the spirit. I know from personal experience that we are literally led to others by the spirit who needs our help. A really funny experience that happened was we went planning to teach a lesson in Finnish to our investigator, and she pretended to be a completely different person who wanted us to teach a lesson about something we haven't even looked at yet (in Finnish). We just smiled and I think she would say, "so what is the word of wisdom??" and I would say, "Tiedan etta Jeesus Kristus elaa," (I know Jesus Christ lives). I said that about 30 times, then I switched to, "Tiedan etta Mormonin kirja on totta." (I know the Book of Mormon is true). So I hope at least she felt something towards those things. Basically, the language is awesome. It is challenging, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I've heard so many Spanish Speaking elders here that I probably could go teach the first lesson in Mexico right now! But, this work is so interesting... It amazes me how much I learn when I'm trying to serve others. Although working with comps is trying sometimes, I am so grateful for trials. They help me realize how much I really need my Heavenly Father. I love my friends here. I've made so many! Sometimes I'll go study with elders going to different missions like Hungary, Estonia, etc... Sometimes with the sisters...hahahaha, Just kidding (or am I ;) Love you Vanhin Perry

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letter April 6, 2011

I wrote William to tell him that one of his good friends, Jeffery, is going to the Finland, Helsinki Mission and will report August 17th. His letter: Mom, I am so excited that he got called there, that is really crazy! Rumor has it that it is the highest progressing mission in the church right now as far s percentages go. The field is ready to harvest! That ws so dorky, but had to throw it in there. I miss you, but I love being here though. It can be stressful and discouraging at times, but when we accomplish something - it makes everything worth it. We are teaching our first lesson in Finnish tomorrow, and I have been studying like crazy! (well...trying haha) I have my part memorized, and have been learning how to structure sentences so I can speak from my heart. I have been learning the first vision, and can teach it pretty well. My companion said, "Did you learn Finnish overnight?" I am progressing pretty slow when it comes to atually learning the language in my district, but when I teach - it's like it comes right out. One thing I learned is that I'm not called to learn Finnish, I'm called to preach the gospel, and Finnish is just a tool to do that. As long as I can look someone in the eye, and say I know that my Redeemer lives, that's all I need, and I'm good to go. But, I still want to study some more here, before I put that into effect. I have been working out a lot, and am about the size of Michael Ormsby (in my mind). But ya... I go running everyday, and I love playing basketball to relieve my stress from our 14 hour days in the classroom!!! I have been getting a lot of mail, especially from you and dad, and others. I love your letters; they make me smile so much. The other day dad and uncle Rowan sent me some stuff in this big flower box, and all the really cute sister missionaries were talking to me, haha (close but no cigar - can I say that, lol). It's a conversation starter. I learned in conference tha the Lord does chasten his people sometimes. I guess I never really saw things that way, but it's true. Heavenly Father wants us to grow, and I testify that if we treat that situation with a humble attitude, relying on God.. He will help us. The scripture Proverbs 3:5 come to my mind. Here it can be really stressful. One day I'll be feeling on top of the world with a grammar principle, and the next I'm in Elder Orr's arms crying in the featle postion! (jk - but seriously - lol no not really...) But I am grateful for trials because they help us come closer to our Heavenly Father. When we feel like our support system is gone, or whatever... it really is not. He is with His Saints, even when it feels like he's not. He is. Vanhin Perry