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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, (208 days left)

Hello There Family! Who are you people that keep writing me letters!!!?? Whoever you are, you sound nice, and I hope I can meet you someday. Just kidding, I love you. Mom stop crying, IT WAS A JOKE!! So my week went really crappy, but it was very well. I got super sick on tuesday, however I went to go do compi exchanges with an elder here. Poor guy, the whole time I was walking slower and haha I felt bad! Wednesday was district meeting with the zone leaders, and as I got up to teach my lesson, I felt like I was going to pass out! However I made it through, and I'm alright now! We received a mini missionary (usually a priest who comes and spends a week doing missionary work with us) again this year, and the first day I laid sick in bed, but the next day we went out and pounded the pavement. He was a good guy, and I learned a lot about being patient even when your sick. We really did see a lot of miracles! I have really been trying to focus on the importance of the spirit in teaching this week. Funny story that illustrates this point. Yesterday we were in a teach with a man who has been investigating for awhile, and the only reason we were really there is because he asked us to come. He has this parakeet cage right next to his couch, and I was kind of playing with the birds, and my compi wasn't really paying attention, I feel bad. It was just hot, and I didn't feel like he cared about our message. However I heard the speak say, "Pay attention!" I pulled my seat a little forward, and I started listening to what he was saying. As I listened, and really just tried to love him, a chapter from the Book of Mormon came to my mind, and I opened to it. I read it out loud, and He jumped up in His seat! He was like, "Man that is exactly what I was thinking! That is an answer to my question!" We have been having a hard time helping him to receive a desire to want to read the Book of Mormon. It is so cool to see the spirit work in a lesson, if we but pay attention. I am convinced that we hear the spirit more than we give ourselves credit for. The Spirit speaks to us individually, and sometimes we don't even recognize it as "the spirit." Often I have noticed that is speaks using our own thoughts. For instance, yesterday morning I was in personal study just thinking about our day, and all of the sudden a thought came to me, "oh we need to remember to call this investigator now." That's the spirit! Sometimes we receive words into our minds, but usually it comes through our thoughts and feelings. We need however to give ourselves a chance to be quiet. Try it! Sit down for 5 minutes and try and let the spirit talk to you, ask for counsel, and wait and listen. Thoughts and impressions will come! I know it's true! Not only do thoughts and impressions come, but the best thoughts that work out usually come from Heavenly Father when we give Him an opportunity to speak to us! (That was one of those DUUUHHH statements of the year!) We met with one investigator that I have known for awhile. As we entered her home, I was happy, but a little sad. This lady had really come to know God, and had basically overcome her addictions, and then turned away from it all, including us. As she told us about how she didn't really believe anymore, and how she felt bad, I honestly didn't want to be there. It was really hard for me. I said a little prayer, "Father I can't do this, I love her so much, and this is too hard for me to deal with right now.) A thought came to my mind about how now you know how Heavenly Father feels to an extent. Kind of the if he has to feel that way sometimes, why should you be an exception? After that we just testified with love about how much the Lord loves her, and she can always come back to Him. Lately she has been coming back to Him, and it seems as though her addictions are becoming lighter on her shoulders. I know that our Savior lives, and loves everyone! He is so great! I love Him so much! This is His church, and we are in the right place! How does it make you feel to know that you are in the right place!!?? I know that if we keep going walking in faith, He will fill in the gaps, and we will see miracles. I think about each of you often (mom and dad). I'm working hard, super tired, but loving life! I know the work is true. I know Heavenly Father and Christ live to comfort and wipe away our tears. That is why we should live also, to do the same thing to others. It is great to hear that everyone is doing great! I'm glad to hear that Rhett is doing well, and that He isn't dead. Tell Michelle congratulations, and I am excited for her! I love you both, miss you both, but wouldn't want to be with you right now!!! Elder Perry ps mom, dad pictures that I can hang on my wall???

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