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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5, 2012 (abt 117 days left)

No Niin!! I am not sure how long this email is going to be because I have to type all of the essays. I am going to type them all up and then have some people review them, and I will send you the final draft next monday ready to submit into my application. I actually feel really good about going to the Y father haha. It was actually something I wasn't really considering before my mission, but It feels good. I guess we'll see what happens. I need to give you 5 characteristics it asks for on this paper. I put: Service Oriented, Hardworking and disciplined, Positive influence and leadership abilities, ability to deal with stressful environment, Analytical and strategic. I didn't have any time to really write anything last pday. Hopefully things go well today!! This week we had an awesome week! We have really been trying to focus on doing the things that will be most effective in the long run. For instance parking our car farther away from the appointment and then contacting in betweener's! We had an awesome experience last night. We felt like we should just walk to our next appointment which wasn't too far away. We were passing this couple and we got a distinct impression to talk with them. We said that we are searching for people who want to come closer to God, and recognize answers to their prayers. We talked to them for a minute, and they straight up said that they weren't interested. However the man said very openly that he knew two people he would be. He freely gave us two referrals of people he knew who were trying to, "Find themselves!" We really have been trying to follow the counsel to talk to everyone! Another cool story is about this member who is in a wheel chair. I was talking to the Sisters before Sacrament meeting on sunday and this lady in a wheel got my attention and asked me to go talk to her. I did so, and she proceeded to tell me about one of her friends. To back up a little bit, We had tracted into this potential investigator who is a single mom with a few young kids. We had an appointment with her, but for whatever reason she said, she is not sure if this is for her, and cancelled the appointment. A few weeks later this member went to some sort of clinic and they talked about the church a little bit haha. She offered her home to the lady to hold the lessons. I'm not sure if the mom was nervous about having us in her home or what not, but I guess this old lady in a wheel chair was able to some missionary work. This experience taught me that all of us regardless of our age or capacities can and should be doing missionary work regardless of our circumstances! The Lord will provide a way for everyone to bear testimony of this work. It was so cool to hear her cute old voice tell me abou it!!!! We were able to go down to Joensuu to hold exchanges with them down there! I got to see friends I made there! It was so cool to see them and some of the other branch members! I was reminded of how hard I worked there, and it gave me motivation above all to come back to my city and work just as hard! It is so interesting to think that I was there a year ago haha! I could understand them this time! I was with Elder Christiansen. He is a new missionary just like I was in Joensuu. It was cool to testify to him that he really does walk on sacred ground! We went through some of the people I taught in the area book, and set up some appointments with formers! It was a great exchange and those elders are doing so great!! I really like the picture grandma sent! it was really cool to see that visual! Thank you both for everything! Tell Alexya that she is a bumb for not writing me back yet! AS well as shelby haha. love, Elder Perry

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