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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011

William's newest post: Things are pretty good. I have learned a lot this week that I think will help me my whole life. Elder Orr and I had a rough middle of the week. I think that everything started getting to us, so finally, I had had it with the drama so I pulled him aside into a different room and we had a little comp inventory. I basically said, "Elder, you and I would probably not be friends outside of here, and that's fine... but we're here now. Our companionship is inspired and we are going to work together without all the drama and crap" (for lack of better terms). Oh by the way he is an army ranger - talk about staring the bull in the eye! We knelt down and prayed (this was right before our lesson) I offered the prayer that the Lord would soften both our hearts so we could teach with the spirit and be happy with each other. I decided that I needed to stop judging him, because I know he has problems just like me that he is working on. I prayed about a way that I could work this out so I could always have the spirit with me. What I do is everytime I'm about to judge someone I sing a hymn or a song or something and it works. I am so grateful that the Lord has helped me with my weakness because I know without a doubt I could not do this alone. Ether 12:27. We had some awesome teaches this week. Elder Orr and I taught a lesson on Monday in English and we taught with the spirit. The other missionaries looked like they were about to cry or something (this is a good thing I hope). My first lesson in Finnish was awesome! It was like Finnish was natural to me at that moment. When they asked questions, I was able to understand by the spirit, and answer those questions by the spirit. I know without a doubt that the spirit is everything in missionary work. The thing that sets us apart as missionaries from missionaries of other churches is the fact that we literally have the spirit. I know from personal experience that we are literally led to others by the spirit who needs our help. A really funny experience that happened was we went planning to teach a lesson in Finnish to our investigator, and she pretended to be a completely different person who wanted us to teach a lesson about something we haven't even looked at yet (in Finnish). We just smiled and I think she would say, "so what is the word of wisdom??" and I would say, "Tiedan etta Jeesus Kristus elaa," (I know Jesus Christ lives). I said that about 30 times, then I switched to, "Tiedan etta Mormonin kirja on totta." (I know the Book of Mormon is true). So I hope at least she felt something towards those things. Basically, the language is awesome. It is challenging, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I've heard so many Spanish Speaking elders here that I probably could go teach the first lesson in Mexico right now! But, this work is so interesting... It amazes me how much I learn when I'm trying to serve others. Although working with comps is trying sometimes, I am so grateful for trials. They help me realize how much I really need my Heavenly Father. I love my friends here. I've made so many! Sometimes I'll go study with elders going to different missions like Hungary, Estonia, etc... Sometimes with the sisters...hahahaha, Just kidding (or am I ;) Love you Vanhin Perry

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