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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011


Things are really sweet here! I am in a city called Joensuu which is in the middle of Finland close to the border of Russia I believe haha. Actually I am not really sure where I am. I just walk and talk, and hand out Book of Mormons and pamphlets haha. The majority of the people here.......... not too interested in the gospel. However we are doing amazing!! We find a new potential investigator everyday! We have about six investigators who are one the path to baptism. One of which I am pretty sure will be baptized in a few weeks!! I haven't even been here a week, and we are already looking at baptisms!! That whole rumor that Europe is a planting seeds mission!............. Not true.

We have been working so unbelievably hard. One day we walked three miles to a members house to which we didn't get any referals. But it's okay, we actually street contacted a guy on the way home who was interested.. which was so worth it!! I am literally tired all the time, but really happy.

My companion and I shotguned a city, which means neither of us have been here, so we just kind of went for it. I was really nervous on the train ride up here. Europe is pretty sweet. The tree's here are so pretty, The bread here is amazing, and so is everything actually. My comp and I are really good friends. His name is Elder Nielsen (wait let me look over and see his name badge) yup.... and he is so cool. He is really intune with the spirit, and knows how to teach very well. I usually just smile, and testify haha. We both have been trying to be strictly obediant to every tiny rule. Obediance is the key to blessings. D&C 130 i believe.

We contact on the street a lot and I just kind of go for it haha. Everyone is pretty nice to me, but mostly just the girls here haha. They like that i'm trying to learn finnish so they'll be like, ''Keep talking!! you're doing great!'' So i'll get my message across, and then they'll usually accept our phone number and a pamphlet. It is sweet. The guys however, not so much.

One time while we were tracting (actually everytime) we get some guy who opens the door in his underwear!!!! It goes something like this," Hi we're missionar........what the crap dude!!!! seriously. oh gosh! what did I do to derserve to see that!!!! haha jk I usually just say here is a pamphlet.

The Lord has given us a lot of success this week, and I have been trying to count my blessings. I have learned a great deal about agency. Just because someone says no, or they're not interested, or,"Sinä tupurys Lähetyssaarnaaja!!! (you stupid missionary) doesn't mean i'm not a good missionary. Everyone has their freedom to choose, whether or not they would like us to teach them. Once Elder Nielsen taught me that principal, everything became a lot easier. All I can do is work hard, and strive to keep my covenants and the rules, and do my best.

My bishop here is named Piispa (bishop) Jäsen, and he always makes greenie jokes at me. One day he was giving me a ride and he said," Hei, Vanhin Perry, Tuo Liinkenivalo on Vihreä.. niin quin sinä!!!" (that traffic light is green... like you.) haha He always gives us a hard time because we are americans haha. We Finns aren't as rich as you Americans!! But everyone is really nice to us in our ward. Yesterday we went to a members house for luones, and as we were driving i saw a dog, and wondered if I would have any experiences with them here............................................ "Vanhins meet Kujo!!! This dog was literally tearing our skin to pieces!! haha my comp and I were trying to sit, and be respectful, but this dog was literally scratching off our skin, and biting our hands..Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I almost killed it haha.

But don't worry the member came in 20 minutes later.... I love it!!! Things are so cool here, and i wouldn't want to be anywhere different. It was so good talking to you and dad though. It was really hard saying goodbye. I miss you both so much, and I will make sure and send you some finnish chocolate or something which is amazing by the way.

Love you,

Vanhin Perry

P.s. I am not suppose to email anyone besides you and dad... so tell all our family to write me, or there will be consequences!!

(I've changed his address on the site and also added dearelder.com. If you send him a letter through dearelder.com he will get in a couple of days and it's only $.98 per letter, so it's a lot less expensive).

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  1. i have a complaint....he doesnt answer my emails :( ummm when does he have email checking days so i can send it the day before because i have a short attention span....btw this is mckayli