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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

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00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hello there!

First of all shout out to my dad! You didn't write me!! Looks like the chocolate goes to mom this month...... haha jk

This week has been very awesome!! I feel like I have learned a lot about the importance of humility. From day one we have been having a lot of success with finding people. We really have been blessed so much by the Lord. But, I think I started to inhale it. "Look at how much success we have had... which was accomplished by us... as a result of OUR dedication, and our efforts... haha what a punk!!

I have really learned that success comes from the Lord! And when we recognized His infinite power, He really does guide our lives (Proverbs 3: 3-5). We had an awesome experience yesterday with our goals. Our district Leader talked to us about the importance of finding families (Last wednesday), and helping them specifically. So in our plans we started to set goals throughout the week. I however, for whatever reason didn't feel like we could do it. In my mind I saw myself going up to a family and saying,"Moi! Here is a pamphlet from God, read it, and call us so we can come teach you!" What the weird!!! That makes me feel awkward just picturing that. No way.... but then I realized who I work for. I humbled myself, and really tried to gain a better testimony of it.

Yesterday, we had our goal, and we said a prayer for the Lord to help us find a family. We went down by the river, on the river trail to go contacting. Elder Nielsen and I both recieved a distinct impression to go talk to a mom and her daughter. We approached them, as they were approaching us, and it didn't feel awkward at all. We talked about how much families mean to us, and about eternal families, and we gave her a proclamation to the family. We recieved her phone number, and are going to call her today to set up an appointment.

The Lord has taught me great lessons about our desires. He has also taught me about the truth about eternal priciples. The things that we focus on, will be our reward. I have learned that over and over again. If we seek to bring people to Christ... We will... If we seek to be selfish, and play the why-me?? card... we will get the reward that comes from that... pain, and misery. Everything makes sense in this gospel. It is so simple. Miracles, or growth depends on the correct application of eternal principles. It is amazing to come home everyday saying, "Wow, I saw the Lords hand today." It is so humbling to know how much he does for us in our lives. Whether it's taking away pain, or magnifying happiness. There are somedays when it's like oh my gosh it can't get better than this... and somedays when your kicking the dirt saying why-me?? why-me?? haha It starts to sound like a pathetic symphany haha. He is right there.

Funny story, let me think. So Elder Nielsen and I made a Grudge movie during juhannus (we had to go inside because it is a drinking holiday in Finland.... yeah....) and I was the Grudge. I was a really good grudge too.. basically on a scale of 1 to The best grudge in the world... I was a 73.32. Great now you think I'm some slacker missionary!! Don't judge yo!!

So I have a question Mark?? Mom can you send me a cook book, just a little basic one, because I am becoming an amazing chef. No one can compete with my home-made mash potatos.. except for Vanhin Nielsen, but he is leaving in August! "We are going to be together for another change until he goes home. I am so excited because we work very well together!! Except when he sings and whistles during personal study, hahaha love him!!

You both are the best, and mommy I miss you oodles and noodles too... not sure what that means, but love you so much!! by the way printing pictures is very expensive here so just wanted to throw that out there.

love you

(I got pictures from William this week, but I have to get them scanned before I can post them on the blog. Look for them soon)

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