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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

I'm sorry about last week. The same thing just happened to me again. I was in the middle of my email and it deleted. Kind of frustrating. This week has been very good! We lost two investigators, which was very sad. One is moving to china, and the other was not willing to live the word of wisdom. He said he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet, and believed in the Book of Mormon but didn't believe He could stop smoking! LAAMMEE. the means lame exaggerated.

Kuiten Kin, life is good Joensuussa. Dad asked me about how the language went this week. I am going to liken my experience this week to my good friend the sparrow. You have this sparrow who is a gorgess big bird. He's soaring through the air!!!! Tree to tree, house to house..... anywhere he wants to go... Wind in his face, feeling good until...CRASHHHHHH!!! into the window haha. There are times when I feel pretty good, and about the time when that feeling comes around I get the Finnish stare, and "Mitä?" haha kaikki on hyvin kuiten kin.

I especially need your prayers this week. We found this golden investigator named Tarun at the beginning of the change. We have taught him a lot, and his baptism is next saturday. I pray to thee Heavens!!!!! that all will go well. Everyone please pray that all will go well... and that includes you too Alexya!!!! You can pray like we did that one time at that Greek thing, or however you want but do it!!!!! Viisi.. I just really want everything to go well. Tell our family that they should write me more :) You both and grandma are very consistant, but I want more fam action.

Werid experince.... We were on splits Kuopiossa and I was with our District Leader Elder Cassity. We were eating at a pizza shop in town when all the sudden this guy walks in and stares at me... uh.... okay... He walks up, and says He wants to meet with us right now at the library.... Vanhin Cassity shoves his pizza down and we walk with him and his mom to the library. Mom leaves, and it's just us. He puts His arm around me and says, "Oh vanhin Perry...." hmm... interesting.

He absolutely loves me!!!! At first I thought well I am pretty cool... I guess haha.... not the reason... We get to the library, and He goes off to get a whole bunch of techno cd's hmm.... we go get a room and start talking. Oh by the way he turned on his techno music and wouldn't turn it off. He kept starring at me!!! After a lot of trying to get him to talk about the gospel he says, "What do you think about the roman culture?" Mitä siitä? you know what about it?

In english he proceded to say you know, two men together, doing things, sexual things?? My eyes went wide, and my jaw dropped!!!!!!!! WHATTTT?????? He then went and turned his music up and we started to leave. THen He started dancing!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard it was ridiculous!!! He asked do you have a girlfriend? I said, "Yep, she's great!!!!" She's back home haha AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH totally gay guy wanting me!! Why can't it be the hot finnish girl down at the store that I have to reject and say no to!!! (Which is a different story haha) However, Hilarious story I couldn't pass up telling...

However afterward, we went to a teach with an investigator who has been investigating for several years. Has read the Book of Mormon 10 times, and goes to church every sunday. During our study together we felt very strongly by the Holy Ghost that the reason he wasn't progressing is because he doesn't understand his relationship with his father in heaven. We went and taught him by the spirit, and He set a baptismal date!!!! it was so cool to see. I think one of the greatest blessings in life is to recieve a prompting from the Holy Ghost, follow it, and see the Lord work in the lives of those whom you serve. Never let a day go by without following through on the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Well I wish I could say more but my email time is up, even though my last email deleted. I love you both very much. I have an appointment with the eye doctor today, and the mission will reimburst the charge. Pray, Pray, Pray that we will be led to people who are ready to recieve this message. I think about you both every day, and sometimes it's hard thinking about the parties and air shows, and everything. But I do know one thing. With all my heart I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Although things are so hard, they are so worth it. I am learning what it's like to really serve the Lord for the right reasons, and out of pure love.

Love you,

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