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March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Haha well,
This morning has been pretty crazy. I came out of language study to go to the library around 1045am, and we start riding..... Vanhin Rogers bike tire went flat!!! Okay............ improve the shining moments... It's okay we'll just walk. We get to the library.... The computer I chose froze.......... Had to leave and go get groceries in stead haha. But now I'm here, and hopefully I can type out an email on this "computer box thing" before another phone call comes in. Haha now that the spirit is here.
Elder Rogers and I are doing great! We have like the same mind. I don't know how many times we've related Ewoks from starwars to the gospel. Whenever I loose him, we just do the chewbacca noise and find each other... joke..... But seriously.. one word.. Hilarious. He is a great missionary, and I'm grateful to be his companion.

It's getting pretty cold here!! I resorted to my thermals from Cabella's, which are so nice by the way. I didn't want to get to that point yet, but I did it. There are some night we come out of a teach, and the wind is blowing, bitter, bitter cold! I just take a deep breath, here we go.......... but it's pretty fun. The only thing harder than trying to speak finnish like a finn, is trying to do it when your jaw is frozen haha. But it's pretty hilarious. I'M LOVIN IT! Wouldn't be anywhere else, with anyone else. Except maybe...... well Han Solo on the Milenium Falcon, but that's a different story. Or in a P-51! Wow those pictures were great! 5 points to DAd!

We had our Six month language school down in Helsinki last thursday. Elder Larsen and I (he was in the mtc with me) kept making each other laugh all night haha. We kept talking about the MTC days and about how dumb we were! It was so cool to go down south for a day, and see all my buddies from the MTC. Elder Orr.. Uhhh... haha he is so funny. It's so funny because in the MTC I didn't like him at all. But now we're really good friends. He is soaring at the language. I went in for my interview with the language cordinator, and haha he threw a suprise. Teach in finnish! Uh.. well... okay... so at the end of the little test, the first thing he said was, "Elder Perry your such a good missionary... uh... keep going... EPIC FAIL!! So I was pretty frustrated, I left Helsinki and was sitting on the train just blown away, I felt like am I making any progress at all? Then I realized Grandma Huntley sent me a Dear Elder, and I decided to read it then. It meant so much to me that I got it. She saved my day that day. I felt like Heavenly Father was speaking to me through her testimony.

Things have been going very well with T and H. H will still be baptized on the 3rd of December. Maybe we can even get her in the water sooner! She is so prepared. We have really been trying to help them get over the past. It is amazing to see how the Lord works with people to help them to recieve the gospel. I was thinking about how important it is just to believe. Missionary work is so child-like. We just do what Heavenly Father asks, because we love Him, and we know He loves us. Sometimes it's hard to find belief, but if we just try.... we'll find it.

I'm so sorry to here about Grandma Mckinney. One thing I do regret is not taking the time to go see her after I recieved my endowment. I know these things come out when it's too late, but I have felt bad about that. I will make sure and send her an email today.

As far as the family I am working with. I got their pictures and everything. I'll send you those today, and ya.... I think that she would really like that apron.

As far as christmas presents, I would like pictures of you guys, with letters from everyone including extended family. I want it in a box, no email,... in a packetti that comes to my apartment. I want one from dad, and one from mom, with letters from everyone. There will be no sharing christmas haha. I want one phone call from mom, and that side of the family. I want a seperate call from Dad and His side of the family. No sharing. It's a benefit of divorce haha. However the change ends the week before christmas on like the 16th of December.
love you all

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