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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

Helloooo Vietnam!!!

So this week has been pretty cool. It has been so hilarious. My new companion................................... Legit! He reminds me a lot of my old friend Jace Larson. He really pushes me to want to be a better just more obediant missionary. I have learned so much from him just in this past week! He speaks amazing finnish, and sometimes I'm the one asking Him for help. I feel like that guy in school who wakes up in the middle of the chemistry lesson gasping for air, wondering where he is, and not knowing why he's there haha. HAHA I was that guy in school!! But all in all, things are pretty sweet.

Yesterday I was sitting in personal study and I wanted to talk to you guys so bad!! Then I realized next month is December!! I can't believe it's almost Christmas! well that's a lie.......... it's freezing over here!! Are we all sure that hell is hot?? haha joke.. hmm.. (girggle in the throat)......... haha that rymned. I don't think I would be very good at writing to the gentiles like Nephi, or John, or any of those prophets. They would say things like Repent!, and They spoke really poetically.... Maybe that's why Heavenly Father saved me for this time, so I wouldn't be put in that situation haha.

So I found out that that name Eddie used to always call me (namely Wilamina) is a name here haha. It is actually a girls name in my ward................. She goes by Villi......... hmm.... maybe we should come up with something different. It was really awkward talking to her about it yesterday, and explaining that my family called me wilamina... this is an awkward change of circumstances. But all in all, things are so hilarious.

We had some really cool experiences. We're rejected like crazy!!! However we have really been trying to follow President Rawlings counsel on using the Book of Mormon in everything we do. I love contacting so much haha It is hilarious. I like to make it not weird though. It is so cool just walking up to someone casual, and teach, bear testimony, and get out. Some of the best contacts, and tracts, have been in less than one minute haha.

Yesterday was kind of a trying day so to speak. We had four appointements lined up, and none of them worked out. Sister T and her children came to the church to be taught, but we couldn't teach them because the member didn't show up. We can't teach single women without another male with us. That rule drove me crazy yesterday, but we had to obey it! I called her that night, and apologized. She wasn't mad at us, and she was so nice about it. I am so grateful for sister T, and her kids. I bore my testimony in church yesterday, and talked about how she helped me so much. The thought came to my mind. Sometimes when life get's hard, Our Heavenly Father sends angels to lift us back up.

She has helped me so much here, in so many countless ways. I don't even know what I can do to repay her. Even if I tried she wouldn't take it. Talk about a saint. She has endured so many things, and yet she is always looking to help others. I think one of the hardest things about being on a mission, is the fact that someday it's going to end. I will probably never see them again.. at least for a long time. It crushes my heart. But on the brightside that's not for awhile!!

As far as baptismal books, tell me what you want to write for each page so I can congegate and write it for you. Google translator won't give you the correct meaning. There are so many different ways to say things, and Finn's speak, and say things different than we do haha. I still don't understand it yet!! However I will get there school pictures, and stuff, and American candy... Idk.... probably like swedish fish, sour patch kids, and yaa... I Got it!

All else is going well. T and H came to church yesterday for the first time. T talked to the bishop, and H, is on tract for baptism the day before your birthday mom. I am so excited! The turuset also may be baptized soon. All is moving forward!!

love you,


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