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00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2011

Moi Siellä!!

I have really started noticing the connections among all the different things we are trying to focus on. The more I focus on praying always, the more often I think about the names that we've received through the Invitation to Prayer. The more I think about those people we want to help, I get ideas about messages we could share from the Book of Mormon. I have been trying to share a scripture every time I talk to
someone on the street, which has caused me to talk to more people. Anyway, it has been able to work on all these things the more I simply concentrate on just one at a time.

So this week was pretty good. President had Elder Larsen and I go down to the trainers meeting in Helsinki!! Soooo cool! We are staying together for at least one more change haha. He called us, and said, well haha you two will not be recieving a change call. Soo funny. We were pretty STOKKED (how do you spell that?) about it!!
Another transfer in Kouvola with Elder Larsen!!

It was so funny, My district leader called, and was like is elder perry there?? haha, I answered and he was like dude!!! I don't know what I'm going to do! (He is going home this week) I have nothing going for me there! What the heck!! I thought it was supper hilarious! I am not really looking forward to the day when I have to
come home! uh.. I mean... I miss you a lot... uh... please keep writing to me.

So I don't have any real suggestions for my birthday. I really just want letters. I specifically want one from Shelby (not too much of a writer haha). Also Edwin Paul Abbe III. I specifically asked him on the phone haha. I hope I didn't offend him. Super funny. It would be really nice to get one from my aunt's and uncles as well. Aunt Lori is very good at writing so you don't have to water balloon her car!

So this week was super cool! Crazy experience I learned a lot from! We had just gotten home about 15 minutes to 9, and this investigator called and said Her family wants to meet us! I said, We're going!!! We jump in the car, and drive over there! We meet this guy, and walk into there house. Super scary. The spirit of the Lord was definately not there. They had alcohol everywhere, and cigarettes all over the
place, and the house was just a mess! We sat down, and talked, and this guy was acting interested, but not sincere at all. His wife (our investigator) just sat pretty quietly trying not to contradict what her husband was saying, and trying to agree with him trying to cross us. I'm pretty sure they were trying to record us or something. But when Elder Larsen was talking to the man, I looked over at our
investigator and said in our last teach how did you feel? She sat quietly and said, very good. And asked her something along the lines of why do you think you felt that way? She became really quiet and said, I don't know, but I believe that God led you both to me. It was a testimony builder to me to hear her say that.

I don't remeber if I mentioned this, but the week before last we met her, and she said she had been praying for 30 years, but felt no help from God. We talked with her, and prayed with her, and We promised her if she would take a minute and think about God in a positive way, he would help her know that He is there. We took a moment of silence, and we prayed together. After the prayer, The spirit of the Lord
filled the room. It seemed brighter, and she seemed so much happier. We gave her a priesthood blessing of comfort, and she said she felt the spirit in her hands and feet and in her bosom.

I have been so grateful for Heavenly Father. He is answering my prayers on behalf of our investigators. Sometimes I get anxious, and feel like nothing is happening, but if I were to say that, that would be a lie. We have seen so much in this city change! Members are gaining faith, investigators are coming closer to Christ. I have seen myself grow as well. I have felt myself changing wanting more what
God wants. Still not there completely!!! But all I can say is, things are good.

Toivotavasti, things continue to go forward. But I'll leave that up to the Lord. haha. I for sure can't do it, but I know he can. He can help anyone to change, or get back on the right path. He does it with me everyday! Sometimes I fell like he's up there saying, Ah, william, WHAT ARE YOU DOIN!? okay.... I fix this one.. haha. But anyways, sometimes when I feel myself kind of "loosing it" or like i'm going in
a wrong direction, I just say a little prayer, Heavenly Father please fix this, help me get on the right way. It works. I recommed it to anyone who feels on the wrong path, or like something is hedging up the way.

Well family, I won't bore you haha. I actually think for my Christmas present I'm going to buy an electric shaver today. Wow, the excitment is filling the room, I know! Also my pants dry cleaned haha.

Dad, I laughed really hard when you complemented me on riding my bike everywhere haha. I have only rode it once since my arrival haha!! But that doesn't matter. I'm still a rock! and humble...

I need a few things. I need from Dad, Grandpa perry's biography book thing, and some cool aid, and helicopter pictures!! Mom, I need an up date on the scholarships stuff I asked about, and a George albert smith lesson manuel in english. also 5 pair of jersey garments, just the shirts. Also a few white short sleeve shirts, yes short sleeve. Summer will be here before we know it!

I love you both, and thank you for your supporting words. They mean so much to me when I read them.

Elder Perry

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