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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

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00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Friday, February 3, 2012

January 30, 2012

Dear Family,

This week has been very good, and the Lord has blessed us a lot in many different area's. First off, a member from the U.S of A came to town with his family. We went to do service with him at his house. We painted their walls, and built at least one of their bunk beds!! It has been so cool. I love them so much! We are doing something with them today after we finish all the logistics of P-day.

During the service, we worked hard! The kids were running everywhere, and getting paint everywhere!! It was funny, because they kept jumping on us,and telling us they wanted to do the job themselves. I thought to myself, I'm never having children... but I really loved being there. Their 9 year old Granddaughter is so cute! She always makes me sit by her at dinner and stuff haha. We went back on sunday for dinner, and we had a cool experience kind of. We got there early and asked if we could help with dinner. They said no. So we started playing with the children. However we felt like that wasn't the best idea, and we asked to try their neighbors. We went over, and the first one said no, but the second guy said, come back some other time. I have been learning a lesson from the Lord, and from the younger Elder Perry.

When I was a younger missionary, I noticed that I was more focused on the work haha. I didn't ever think about scholariships, or what I'm going to do back home, or etc. That was the key to my success in Joensuu. I worked so hard. However here, I realized that I had set lower expectations of myself. Of course I have been working hard, and trying to do my best. But my attitude has been a little different. I
realized I need to be the weird missionary contacting people at every chance like I use to be.

So this morning, I knelt down and simply asked, Heavenly Father, I'm sorry that I haven't been as enthusiasitic about the work this last week or two. Please help me get on the right track. I really tried to visualize Him. I tried to be close to him, and when I was done praying I went to work. I was thankful for the feeling I received from Him afterwards. I felt that my forgivness would come on the condition that I work harder.

I read a quote from President Erying today. It says, "Lasting spiritual power comes from going beyond the point, where others would take a break." or something like that haha.

But I don't want to give you the impression that I've been slacking off, or anything! haha We had an amazing week!! We have been helping our investigator stop smoking and drinking. We taught her the Word of Wisdom, and of course she accepted it! She set a Baptismal date for February. And her and her sister are going to stop smoking together on Tuesday! I would ask that you would pray for her. SHe is so great, and is improving a ton! I have seen Heavenly Fathers' hand in her life. She went from
someone who didn't think she could believe in God to someone who has faith, and does something about it.

I am so grateful for her, and the changes she has made in her life. Every time we meet with her. I can just see her potential and who she is becoming. She is changing in the Lords' hand's. Soooooo cool! I don't know what it's like to stop smoking or drinking (well...uh... different email - jk) but I know that the Savior knows what she needs. I know that all addictions can be overcome through him. Mental, or physical, because I have seen it in her life.

Well, lot's more happened but as usual, can't tell in my email. The work is going great. The work is true. There is only one right and true message for everyone in this world, and it's this one. THe book is blue, and yes God is a Mormon.

Love you all,

Elder Perry

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