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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hi family! I don't have very much time today, because I procrastinated coming here to write! Things have just been crazy today, and I have to go to a lesson soon, and catch a train to Lappeenranta tonight! Soooooo busy! So I tried to find some protein shakes this morning because elder anderton and I have been doing some pretty intense work outs. (Like we actually work out). So of course the cute finnish prisma worker comes around the corner. "um... excuse me... uh (insert image of elder perry leaning up against the shelf in my strechty pants (quote from nacho libre- duh) where are the vitamins...??? (Didn't know the word for protein). Also apparently I didn't know the word for vitamins either!!!! I spoke in english and she said uh..... isle 163. HaHa but this week has been pretty intense! We really have been working so hard! There has been a standard that we teach 20 lessons per week. We have been struggling very hard to get it. Last week in planning meeting elder anderton said, "You know what, we need to show more faith, let's set a goal for 23 lessons." THAT'S MY BOY!!! We did it. We worked very hard this week, and at the end of the week we had 22 lesson's. I am so grateful for my companion. He has taught me so much about faith, and uh huh, (insert clearing throat noise) using it haha! I learned an amazing principle there. When we are struggling to maintain vision, raise it, don't decrease. Now I'm not insisting that we can't set goals to build up our bigger goals. This friday is change calls. I am a little excited because it would be nice to see other cities, however I really don't want to leave my compi. He is so cool! We get along pretty well. We just both have the same vision, and it works very well. He really has taught me so much. We have been doing our best to help this less active lady and her children come back to church. It has been great to see the change in her. We actually found our baptismal date through her! She called us one day, and had an emergency. We drop everything and went and helped her. We met our baptismal date there! I have learned the importance of just doing the right thing. Always do the thing that Christ would do, and you will be safe. Not only will we be safe in doing that, but he will provide opportunities to share the gospel as we show our love for his children. Our district is doing great! On sunday calls ins we talked about not letting doubts get to us! I asked them a question I learned from a talk from john bytheway. He asked, "What would you give up to know God?" We talked about it, and they asked me what I decided to give up. I said my doubts. In every situation satan tries to forge doubts as facts, or truth. However truth is the complete opposite of doubt. The adversary tries to tear at our testimonies, and make us feel like maybe we don't have faith. We begin to question our faith when these doubts come, when really we should be questioning our doubts!!! Are they really valid!? Doubts are dumb! Truth is Tremendous! haha, soooooooo lame..... Anyways, I love you, miss you, wouldn't want to be with you at this time (now i must explain that it is nothing personal mom.) Elder Perry

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