Elder William Perry's Mission Address

Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, July 2, 2012

June 4, 2012

Hello Family, This last little week has been pretty great. We have been trying to build up to teaching 20 lessons per week. It has been very challenging, but we are working towards it. This morning was very cool. We went and studied finnish with a finnish couple in our branch. It is super helpful for me, because I can expand on the harder principles, and have some back up haha. This last little while I have been studying with elder anderton the basic grammar, and so this gives me an opportunity once a week to really build on where I need to go to improve. He is really coming along with his Finnish. It is very inspiring to see. And also I want to hit him in the face because I could not ´speak the way he does when I came into the country haha. COME ON, IT WAS A JOKE!! Don't tell president though, I don't need that on my plate right now. Is everything alright with grandma? I guess so, because you didn't say anything bad that happened. I have been worried about her all week! She better be okay! You mother better be okay as well. You always call me an accident waiting to happen, but your the one always seeming to get into the train wrecks haha. I hope that everything is okay with you. As far as you pop. I will send an extra prayer up for you. Don't get too burnt out! I expect pictures from the camping, and fun stuff you do with the boyzzz. Speaking of which, everyone keeps talking about how you two are freaking out that natalie will get married haha. Is this true? Is she, will she, when's the date? Are they talking about this? I'm sitting up here in an ice box, and you're down there with all the news! COME ON!!! Milta teistä tuntuu tästä? So this week we have really been focusing on inspired planning, and it really has been working. It is amazing how the Lord will coordinate the work, as we exercize faith in Him. I have notice countless examples of when the Lord will help us to teach as we plan to do so! Let's throw that statement into the worlds most obvious statements book, published by Elder Perry Finland Helsinki Mission. Haljelulah! haha. I know that as we exercise faith in Him, He will make it happen. So cool! On splits Elder Haws (zone leader) and I planned on contacting a man who said we could come by the next day. We drove out to his place, and went to his door. Not home. We decided to go for it, and give the Lord a chance! We tracted a few doors, until all of the sudden this one man answered. He talked about how so many bad things have happened to him, and he is kind of angry at god because of it. We slowed down a bit, and listened to him. We asked him some inspired questions. He let us in and we did a first lesson teach. He had a very loud friend, and I ended up going and sitting by the loud friend to try and teach (but mostly distract because he was kind of drunk), while elder haws taught the other guy. New Investigator! It was cool to see him smile through his tears, as he felt the truth of the message in his heart. That was another special experience where I felt like I was standing in the place of the Lord, at that time, and in that moment. Tell Mckayli, that we will go do sleep over's at Natalie and Georges new apartment! That would be a little awkward yet hilarious at the same time. "Um, escuse me nat and georgy (you think she calls him that?), but you are all out of food... I ate it all... well that's how it would go. I AM SO EXCITED. I can't believe the day has come... you know that I am just doing this to make you both worried haha. Love you (I really do) Elder (still the same sense of humor) Perry

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