Elder William Perry's Mission Address

Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, July 2, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hello Everyone, So this week was way cool! We headed down to Helsinki for a trainers meeting on last tuesday morning! It was so cool! We did role plays for hours!!! UGHHHHH... but it was really good learning experience.I love how you can say anything negative haha and balance it out with a positive comment. Such as, man I can't stand that guy! But he's cool... haha. Any who... It was so much fun down there. I ended up being with an helsinki elders quorum president for a few hours! We went through helsinki trying to speak with less actives. We didn't get a hold of any... but he bought me dinner haha! So cool! That sounded extremely femmish. Speaking of those kinds of jokes. i saw this super huge guy with nazi tattoo's all over his body... rollerblading. Well when we contacted him, no dad i did not tell him your famous joke. However it made me giggle. he he I was able to visit in the helsinki temple this last week haha. It's been over a year since i've been back. I had to do some parts in English. I didn't want it on my head if I messed up, and someone got denied haha! That would be an awkward conversation on the other side. Man! things are so much fun here! Elder Anderton and I are ripping it up! We are having so much fun together. I fear for our salvation... But until then we'll keep going! We were at our investigators house last night, and to give you some background information she did not believe in god when I met her a few months ago. She said she prayed all her life that God would help her husband believe in him. He died without recieving faith. She told God that she didn't like him, and that she was done with him. She told us this in our first lesson. It is amazing to see how the Lord touches hearts, and helps people. Yesterday, I heard her pray for the very first time (She prayed last week when elder anderton was on splits, but for me it was the first time) and ask Heavenly Father to forgive her. After the prayer she told us that she believes in Him. It was one of the most humble sincere prayers I have heard on my misison. I was so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed me to hear that. I also took a picture with her in her old rocking chair. Right after the picture, she said, you should give me a copy of that! It was so touching. She is actually going to kuopio for the summer, so we are going to get her in touch with the missionaries up there. That may be the last time I ever see her. But I know the Lord has touched her heart to really change. On saturday we were doing service, and the branch president leaned over and asked me to speak in sacrament meeting the following day ha ha. I wrote my talk in personal study, and we were rushing out the door to get to church! It was my turn to speak, and I got up to the stand. I flipped through my notes, oh, not in that folder, looked in the next folder, and the dawning moment hit me... I forgot my talk on my desk at home. (Insert thunder strikes). I looked at the crowd and told them haha unohtin puheini kotona (i forgot my talk at home). It was hilarious. However I felt like it was Heavenly Fathers will. I felt like Dan Jones on the soap box just going for it! But the spirit was there. I felt Heavenly Fathers sustaining hand as I spoke, to help me. I was so grateful to be done haha, but as I simply just taught and testified about what I felt I should say, things went well. Aother cool experience...... I was sitting at home reading some stuff right before bed on friday. I get a phone call from my district leader and he says!!! YOU'ARE GETTING A CHANGE CALL!!! I was like what?? you have to be kidding... Elder Anderton and I were told that we would be together for two changes. I immediately thought, what did I do wrong!? (We were with president for half of this week haha). All of the sudden president calls, and says sorry to call so late, but I want to get as much work done as I can tonight. (My heart was beating, and all I could do was listen). He said, you will be the new district leader! That was thrilling news! I was so stunned! Was not expecting it at all, nor thinking about it haha. But now I get to be the district leader, and still train Elder Anderton. So cool! Well I love you all, and wish all of you a fabulous week. Ask natalie if she and george can pick me up from the airport and give me lunch money, and there is a package on the way to her, so heads up. Elder Perry

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