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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, July 2, 2012

June 25, 2012

Dear Family, Before I start, I have to say how happy I am to hear that Grandma Huntley is doing well, and that all is looking well. I asked all the missionaries in our district to pray for her haha. I have spent a lot of time on my knees praying for her at night, pleading that all will go well. It almost brought tears to my eyes to hear that everything is going well. I love you Grandma!!! I love getting your emails every week. It is so great to hear the news from home. As I'm working hard I often think about you. I have a picture of dad on my scriptures that he sent me, and it always motivates me to work hard. I have the quote "be the kind of missionary your mother thinks you are," engraven on my heart, and in my mind! I think it's from all the prayers sent up from you mommy. I had a cool experience this morning. I was putting my laundry in our washing machine, and it just wasn't working. I tried resetting it, and turning it off and on............ ei mitään. The thought came to me to just pray, and it will work. I said a quick prayer, and felt like I should press the button again. pressed........ started........... so cool!!! Sometimes we forget how powerful the prayer of faith is. Heavenly Father can just make things work sometimes haha. We have been working very hard! Last week we met this investigator in Kotka. We taught him the message of the restoration, and gave him a copy of the book of mormon. We commited him to read it everyday, and he said okay. (kind of the 19 year old, I'll do it okay.) We came back a few days later, and he had read the first 7 chapters, and he talked about how much he liked it! We came back a little later, and he had read several more chapters, and the plan of salvation pamphlet. As we were teaching him (about half way through the plan of salvation) I felt super bored!!! And I knew that he was. I asked him a question like, "what does it mean to you that we have a purpose here on earth?" At that point he taught us the whole plan of salvation back. He read the pamphlet, and studied it! We dropped teaching, and then just answered his questions! His concerns had melted away, and his desire to accept this grew! Elder Anderton commited him to baptism, and he accepted without a doubt (we commited him in the first lesson, and he told us he had already been baptized). I felt the power, and importance of our investigators keeping their commitments. As we read, and pray, and act in accordance with correct principles such as attending church, and preparing to be baptized, the holy ghost comes in and guides us. The Lord has been working with this man for awhile! We testified that these things are true and I know that they are! On Juhannus ,(mid-summers day. It is a huge holiday here), we were able to go over to some members house who have children our age! We weren't alowed to go door to door, or be outside in public. There is lot of drinking that goes on! So President said we could go over to relax with members and investigators and stuff! We played steal the flag! After that we played clue the board game! Sooo much fun! I believe that change calls will be in about two weeks. I don't know if I will be leaving or not. I would imagine so, because I have been here for over 6 months. That is an extremely long time in an area haha! I was in Joensuu for 5 changes, and now I've been in Kouvola for 5 changes. Send it to the office, and I'll have the zone leaders pick it up for when they come to district meeting or something. I am so excited to see all of the pictures (everyone take a moment of silence for the lack of pictures that haven't been sent in the last six months haha). I love you all, Elder Perry Ps. I will write grandma a letter.

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