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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 1, 2011

Terve! Perheni!
Hyvää Viekoa Suomessa!
We are doing very well here in Finland, having so much fun! We have been laughing at almost everything. We actually just recieved an awesome assignment from President Ralings. We are getting a mini- missionary. His name is Ville Jäkkö! We pick him up from the train station tomorrow. It's going to be legit! Every year in Suomi the youth get to come work with the missionaries for a week. I think He is like 17. So He will be with us all week, so pray that we'll train him good! It is going to be an awesome opportunity for me to learn finnish better. Vanhin Nielsen was in his ward somewhere in Southern Finland. Say's he's crazy! L-E-G-I-T!!

Anyways, I have a lot to share this week haha. First of all, last week I forgot to tell you. We were cutting bushes for a guy in our ward. I was using the saw, and was on this stand so I could reach over the bush. The stand was about 5 feet long, so I started cutting and cutting, inching over, and over, and over... Getting every single stray branch... until... AHHhhhhhhhhhhhh I fell off the stand into a stinging neddel bush hahahaha!! It started killing!! Vanhin Linden (He's a swede) took me to the car and bandaged me up hahah. Now I have these huge red marks on my legs that itch like a mother bear!!!

Kokemus numero kaksi... We were tracting last week and we came across this guy who said I don't have time right now, come back huomena at 2. So we of course came back. Him and his wife were so nice. They put out cookies and juice, and awesome! However... Then He talked to us for two hours about how our church was wrong, and all of these faults. He told us straight up that Christ was going to reject us at the last day because we are preaching false things. Told us all these things, that weren't true from the bible. But for some reason nothing was coming to our minds to defend ourselves. We held our cool. We bore testimony of the things we did know, and left. It was really hard for me. I think it was the first time in my life when my testimony was really challenged. But I went home, and we talked about it for a minute. I said a personal prayer. And I know without a doubt I am where I am because the Lord sent me. I was so impressed with my companions answer to His statements. He said, "I cannot deny what I have felt, and what I know to be true." He said that with power and authority. He also said that was the worst bible bash lesson He has ever been to.
But for some reason it still bothered me. I couldn't explain some of the questions, and statements he brought up. It made for an awesome personal study!

I studied out the arguements, and what our church really believes. Everything can be explained in the scriptures, and through personal revelation. Poligamy, blacks and the priesthood, callings by prophecy, Diety, any question can be answered. And Heavenly Father helped me to feel peace. That man was not ready to recieve the gospel. Anything that we would have shared would have been thrown right back at our face.

It was really funny, because he said something along the lines of why aren't you mad at what I'm saying? The answer is, because we know our message is true. It doesn't matter if people don't agree with it, or try to justify it. The law is the law. "Behold this is the way, and there is none other way nor name given under Heaven whereby men can be saved in the Kingdom of God."

Our investigators are doing very well. We went through a short while where all our baptismal dates fell through. But Heavenly Father has really been helping us with our investigators. One of our investigators asked to see the baptismal font haha. We are really progressing here, not just with our investigators but as individuals. Elder Nielsen and I have really been working on the principal of becoming. Elder Bednar said,"There is a difference between doing missionary things, and becoming a missionary." "Someone can go on a mission without becoming a missionary." I have realized that the thing that distinguishes a good missionary from a christ-like missionary is in goal setting. It doesn't matter what you are doing in this life, if you don't set goals you won't become the best at what you do. Heavenly Father really showed me some goals that would help me to become rather than just doing good things.

So ya... now down to the serious things haha. Everytime we get in the elevator, I have a panic attack and I start telling Elder Nielsen that I HATE ELEVATORS!!! Haha He get's annoyed everytime haha. One time I did it, and we walked out of the elevator and a guy was standing there looking at us like, "What the weird??" Haha I was laughing all the way down the street. I do it everyday at 11 O'clock sharp! We have been having so much fun. Elder Nielsen and I are like best friends. I can't believe the change is almost over! I get my new companion next week. I love elder Nielsen. We are literally like the same person, both stubborn, but just these two little kids always having fun. uhmmm.. Men... Football... uhmm Rugby!!

So mother, thank you so much for the stuff, and I hope that it is the jersey kind, but I trust you. Thank you so much! Elder Nielsen is going home next week, and He is wondering if you can help him with FAFSA. I told him that you could, and you would probably have things ready for him before he gets home. Also I told him about your amazing taco's and enchiladas. He wants to come visit you and say hi. I think he is expecting those meals. If he asks I never used rubber sheets, He thinks I did, but I promised him I didn't... after I was sixteen... I guess that's better than when Rhett slept in His parents bed because he was scarred of the grudge!! Does this go to him?? anyways... if it does, SHout out to RHETT!! Yo bro! Man you ridin the Jet SKiis in CaBo BRa!? Send me his address so I can write him.

Daddy, You flooded your basement?? haha that is ei hyvää!! Mutta, I used to love the samoens by grandma. Everytime we drove up they'd stare us down!! But we would smile and waive, and then we would get the smile of approval haha. I think I am going to send some chocolate to her. How is the M1A holding up without it's owner haha? Did I say that out loud?? How is Toni? Tell her Hi!
So many experiences but such little time....... I miss you family. Pray for you, Rauha!!

Rakaudella, sinun poiasasi,
Vanhin Perry

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