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March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

Mom I don't know why you worry so much... I had a helmet on haha. It really wasn't that big of a deal. Secondly, I have an appointment with the eye doctor on this wednesday. I don't wear my glasses because I sweat so much on my bike, that they slip off my face. It's easier to wear just one contact. I am completely okay with that. Don't worry, I am using my head. Take it easy over there haha.

Some missionaries just leave clothes, and coats and stuff in the apartment when they leave, so I grabbed mine. Sister Rawlings, and the Doctor in Germany both know about my eye, and everything is under control.

I'm going to zone conference on wednesday so I should get my package then. If you don't send my packages to the apartment, then I either have to pay for shipping inside the country, or wait until zone conference. By the way, I'm almost out of taco shell things haha. I'm grateful for everything you're doing, thank you for your support.

This week has been a really good week. Our district leader Elder Casity commited us to really taking advantage of our 3 hour study block in the morning. I have been so happy all the time as I have done that. We were listening to a BYU devotional talk by a quorum of the seventy, and He suggested that every latter- day saint have a personal devotional every morning. He suggested four things: 1) Get up a little earlier than usual 2: Get ready for the day, exercise, shower, do your hair, get dressed in clean clothes etc 3: Study the scriptures for 7- 8 minutes per day, 4) Find your personal "Sacred Grove." As missionaries, we have a lot longer to study the scriptures and do all these different things, but I want to focus on the sacred grove aspect.

Every night I pray for our investigators individually. I remember in the past thinking at one point... gosh I have to pray for all these people. I caught myself in the thought. I thought about what prayer really is. We are literally communicating with our father. I wonder how he feels when I throw out a bland prayer, and hope for answers. In the bible dictionary it talks about how when we understand our relationship with god, namely that He is our father, and we are his children, then prayer becomes instinctive. It really does become natural. I had forgotton who I was talking to.

I have really seen how important it is to pray out loud. Although He knows our hearts intent, it seems more important to me if I pray outloud. I have tried to visualize myself, like I'm sitting talking with Him. I have noticed that as I have really tried to talk with him, and express my feelings about the work, and what is going on here. I felt I have been guided to the answers which I have needed. I have been so grateful for prayer lately. Missionary work is so much fun, but it can be very hard. There have been some times when we have been rejected so hard that my heart was so angry, and I felt like how am I suppose to love this people if all they do is stare me down, and look at me like i'm a polar bear at the zoo?? Then the hymn, "Did you think to pray?" comes to my mind. I always go and say a silent prayer, and I find peace knowing that I have a loving Father there who is with me.
We definately see miracles though. We contacted this guy once who called us the same day and said He wanted to know more. We met with him, said He felt the spirit and everything... next day nothing...... didn't here from him again. We prayed that we could talk to him again obviously. That particular day, I prayed to know if Heavenly Father really was guiding us. We were riding our bikes and for some reason I took a wrong turn, and ended up going to the church haha when we were heading home. What's funny is I know the streets here so well... but anyways we pull up to the church, and I turn to Vanhin Weaver and said, "I don't know why I came here haha." We turned to go home, and that potential was across the street!!! Of course we went and talked to him....... Not interested....... but I walked away knowing that Heavenly Father is leading us. I can't explain everything, but I know He is there.

I heard a quote from President Spencer W. Kimball who said, "I want to wear out my life, just as I wear out my shoes.. in the service of the Lord." I have realized how much of an priveledge it is to be here. The time is so precious, and so short. I can't believe I am almost at my six month mark. It motivates me to work harder, because I know I will never get this time back.

I'm sorry that I made you mad about the car thing... I'll be more careful. All is being taken care of, If there is a problem that needs to be taken care of then I'll let you know.
Love you both,

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