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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

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00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Alright so pretty good week!
Wau Vanhemmat! The change is over, and I am now on my third change! Next month I hit my sixth month mark wowowow!! So I felt bad when I got your letter that said I never answer your questions so I am going to do that first. Mommy: I have no idea where the cord to charge the camera is haha unless it is in natalies room either on the black shelf bin thing, or in the surge protector I always used.

We just got back from this amazing teach!!! We made time for them in our p-day schedule because they are so amazing!! We are teaching a members two kids. Their dad left their family because she refuses to leave the church. We taught about baptism today. We showed them the baptismal font, and talked about how Jesus Christ was baptized even though he was perfect. I told them the story about when I was baptized. I ran into the font, dad baptized me, and I said can I do that again?? But we commited them to baptism, and they both said yes! They all have such amazing faith. The kids understand a lot. Thank thee heavens, and all the inhabitants there for their mom haha. I am so grateful for them.

Elder Weaver... He is pretty cool. I don't know if we are as close as Elder Nielsen and I were haha. He is a lot different, but I am grateful that He is my companion. The Lord has really been helping me with my language this last little while. My capacity to speak has really improved ever since we changed companions. Vanhin Weaver has only been here three changes longer than me. So we both are very new!! But Heavenly Father has really been helping us. He is a very funny guy, He is from Texas. His grandpa bought a huge property down there and He talks about that a lot. He calls it, "The property."

It has been pretty hard, becasue although He is the senior companion, and I totally respect that, I know Joensuu better. So I have to take charge in finding, and getting places, and our investigators. I am grateful that Vanhin Nielsen trained me well because, it would be so hard without that training. Even though we are both very new, I know that Heavenly Father will help us to be strong. Despite of our incapabilities, and our capabilities we are to rely on Christ. It doesn't matter if your not confident in yourself, or your too confident in yourself!! Your confidence should rely in Christ. That is really what I have been trying to focus on this last little while.

Anyways stories!!!
We were on this huge bike ride and on the way home we saw this American Flag post mark thing!! We decided to go tract it! We turn left, and end up going down this bumpy dirt road for awhile! We get to the house, and it is full of American trucks, and cars, and there is this waterfall font thing with the statue of liberty on it!! We go up to the door, and this kid answers speaking Finnish. We ask, "Oletko Amerkiallinen?" are you an american? He answered in Finnish saying, "Olen Suomallinen haha!" The whole family was Finnish but they just really liked america. On the way out we hurried and took a picture in front of lady liberty haha.
So I gave myself a hair cut..............first time without vanhin Nielsen.....
Vanhin Weaver just shaves his whole head, and I was like heck no haha. So I sat down in front of the mirror, took a deep breath............................... bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... yeaaaaaaahhhhhhh...... it turned out okay haha. I didn't trust Vanhin Weaver so I asked sisar Turunen today, and she said it looks good. I hope she was being truthful. And I hope that I understood her finnish! She probably said, "Uh.. yeah... Elder Perry maybe I should hit you with my car, maybe that would make it look better....

So now to the spiritual aspect of things...
Vanhin Nielsen and I went to Kuopio to get my new comp, and we ended up going to a teach with the elders there. Apparently the Elder had felt they should go to a particular area, and they did. They knocked a door and found this amazing family who was ready to recieve the gospel. We went back for a lesson with them. This was Elder Jones (District Leader there) last lesson in Finland. He was going home with Elder Nielsen. They have a baptismal date, and are so ready to join the church! tHey were so humble and ready!! At the end of the lesson, Elder Jones gave them His name badge. They cried and the husband grabbed him and embraced him! They were saying through their tears thank you , thank you, and it was so special that I got to see that. It made me motivated to have my elder jones experience. It motivated me to go out and find those families that need this gospel. I can't even describe the spirit that was in the room. I just remember the joy in their eyes.

Elder Hunziker really motivated me to set change goals. My change goals are: Be able to teach all parts of all five lessons in finnish clearly, Read 1/4 the Book of Mormon in Finnish. Learn 3 words/ 2 phrases Daily. Make phone calls in Finnish and be able to set up appointments! (Which I have been doing, and am so excited about!!) I have more but I can't think of them. They are written, and are hung up on my wall by my desk.

I am really sad about grandma mckinney, and I wish I could be there to comfort grandma. I am running out of time, and I think my companion is giving me a dirty look... so. Dad thank you for the pictures, and I hope things go well with your acting career at the Manti pageant. I remeber going down there with jen, and thinking wow..... LAAAMEE haha but the temple is so amazing. I show that picture of maya, to everyone haha. It's a conversation starter.

Anyways I love you both, My package is with my district leader, and I am picking it up tomorrow,

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