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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

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00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 10, 2011

Heeellloooooo Rakas Vanhemmani!!! the (HEeellooooo) is just hello exaggerated. haha

Anyways where do I start!!!!! This week has been ridiculous haha fun, crazy, stressful,..... all of the ingrediants to make one want to get into the corner of his/ her bedroom, and cry for two hours... (which I didn't do). Kuitenkin, moving forward.... We made some changes here in the work in Joensuu. Vanhin Weaver and I have really been trying to push ourselves to do things more in the Lords manner. Particualry with holding on to investigators. Our purpose is to find, teach, and baptize those who are ready to recieve the restored gospel, and are willing to act on the message we share. At one point we went from like 10 to 8 to eventually around 2 investigators. Some of these people I have known since my arrival into Finland. It was definately a step of faith... however the blessings we recieved far outstretch the sacrifices we had to make. This week cannot be described in any other word other than "miracle." I would say that word in finnish, but the fact is.... I don't know it in finnish.. hmmm.. (insert clearing throat action... copy.. paste).

One thing I can say is, I HAVE BEEN SO HAPPY THIS WEEK!! Everything has been hilarious. Every time something bad happens, or a disappointment comes I laugh so hard haha. I'm laughing right now!!!! (oh.. the lady in front of me, just gave me the strong finnish stare!! but don't worry I stared right back!!!) jk but everything has been so good. I have really strived to just have a good attitude about everything. As I have just tried to look for the good in each situation, and prayed that Heavenly Father will help me, He has. I will illustrate some good examples haha.

So we finally got an appointment set up with this golden family!!! Mom, Dad, lapset!!!! So were on the way to this appointment which is around 10 kilometers out of town, and a twig get's caught in my gear system. I start to slow down to get it out and Vanhin Weaver yells, EMBRACE IT!!! hahah (always loved that guy!) So l do, and start to speed up, when all of the sudden the twig goes up through the pully, and bends the whole thing into the spokes!"! Five minutes before the teach!!! (2 points to the adversary!!) So I look at it, and just start laughing! We locked our bikes right there, and ran to the teach!! We taught them about the Book of Mormon, and they said they are interested! (5 points Elders). It was so great! We still had to walk my bike into town, but things went so well.

We had a very cool experience as well earlier in the week. We were on the way to another appointment with an potential, and Vanhin Weaver and I realized we should be talking to more people even though we are on bikes. We stopped this guy, and I said,"Hey we talk about God's plan for us, and know that He lives... or something like that... can we talk more about this with you sometime? His first response was, yeah!! It kind of shocked me haha I was like okay, can we recieve your phone number. Vanhin Weaver spoke up and said, Can we meet in your home this week? He said yes to both questions, and we recieved his address, and number. The Lord blessed us by following the counsel of our leaders. However that is not the coolest part.

We continued down the road to where I thought this potential lived. However I looked at the wrong street on the map, and so we called this potential and apologized. He said we could meet on sunday, and I felt so bad. However I just tried to think, well i'm not perfect, what are we to do now? We stopped and the impression came to go try another close potential. We went imediately there, and... no answer. We recieved the impression to knock on the door behind us. I then remembered a story that Brother Francom told me about a door he recieved an impression to knock on, but he didn't. He remembered that his whole life. We decided to do it, and met this nice new family who said we can come back!! I was so grateful to be apart of that experience. It was so humbling to me, that the Lord saw through my weakness. He understands that I make mistakes sometimes, but He is still there to help us to be successful.

I love emailing, not only because I get to speak with you, but because I get to remember all the times the Lord helped us, and particularly me to do this work. Another experience I had may not be interesting to too many people, but is very important to me. I heard the testimony of another missionary who said, "I know Heavnly Father is proud of all His missionaries. I know He is proud of me in my efforts here." I thought about that statement, and that very night I prayed. I prayed to know if Heavenly Father was proud of me, if I am doing the right thing. All I can say is, I know he is there. I felt so close to my father that night. I felt His love. It may not be revelation like Paul revieved on the road to Damascus, or Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove, or the brother of Jared on top of the mountain. But to me, it was so important. Of all the experiences I have had as a missionary, the best ones have happened while I was on my knees. I plead with anyone who reads these emails. Do not take for granted the capactiy you have to be close to your Father in Heaven. It's not worth it.

I was so happy to here about Natalies concert. I remember taking Jen to The Roof for dinner once. EXPENSIVE!! haha but I would say worth it. I am also so excited to hear about the Provo Tabernacle!!! I remember sitting in that small room, and just shouting!!! It was so great to hear.

I was so excited to hear about Aunt Marsha and Uncle Dale!!! That is so great!

I will be staying in Joensuu, and the change ends on the 6 th of November, so don't send packages or anything to my home address two weeks before that date. Send them to the mission home. Otherwise send everything straight to my apartement in Joensuu because otherwise I have to wait a month or so to get it. I'm so sorry mom, I forgot your question at home. I will write you a letter.

love you all, and thank you for your support


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