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March 2011 to March 2013

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011

Hello There,

I have know idea where to start my letter today. All I can say is I have recieved so many answers to my prayers this week. This week has been pretty hard haha. It seemed as though all these different problems were mounting on my back. However one by one they were much more easier to handle as I turned to the Lord. Heaven touched my heart this week.

First of all, my bike situation hahaha... I NEED A BIKE SO UNBELIEVEABLY BAD!!! Joensuu is a bike city, and we don't have a car. I decided instead of getting discouraged or mad to just go pray. I went, and explained the situation to Heavenly Father, and then I just continued doing everything I could. The very day, I called a member to see if I could borrow His bike for ahwile. He said of course!! That was a temporary answer! But it get's even better.

The Kuopio Elder's (Our District leader) came down for splits on friday. In the morning we went over to a sister's house to do service. We helped her to tear down her sauna so they can remodal. I was so grateful for the opportunity to help her. We had so much fun, tearing wood down, and pulling the nails out, and all that different stuff. She was so grateful, and she made us a really good lunch. During the service she said, Elder Perry, come look at this bike (She knew that mine was broken). I checked it out and it was in really good condition. I rode it a little, and went back inside, and asked "Thank you so much! How much do you want for it?" She said, We'll talk about it later, with a big smile on her face. Hahah it was so funny. She said, "I want to share a spiritual thought with you all." So she sat us down, and pulled out her "Teachings of President David O Mckay book" and began talking about how God pays us back when we give service to others. She looked at me, and said,"Elder Perry, do you believe God will pay me back if I serve you?" of course I replied yes. She went on to say, Let me serve you, and give you my bike for free. I was so grateful. I still am. My Heavenly Father heard my prayer. She went on to say how she came home the night after she found out my bike was broken and opened right to that page in President Mckay's book. I'm picking up the bike today.

We had so much fun on spilts. Vanhin Cassity and I went and first went to a sister's office to give her a letter from another missionary that came to our apartment. We met up with her, and haha it was so hilarious. This particular missionary was the one who baptized her. I believe. She read the letter outloud and the whole time Vanhin Cassity and I were like, "Has He proposed!!!???" she was like, not yet haha. After she finished I said, let's read in between the lines haha. She is so funny. I call her my big sister haha. Everytime she calls us or we call her, she says my little brother haha. I used to get so nervous when I taught her for the first few times. However no one get any idea's!! I already decided that There is no one in Finland who I would pursue anything with. I'm not here for that haha.

Following that visit, we went down to teach a less active investigator and his non member wife. They are so great! The impression came at the beginning of the lesson to commit her to baptism. I waited awhile, and it's almost like the spirit led them to say what the Lord wanted them to say. We talked about the temple, and how I want a picture of them when they go through!! They want to be sealed together for eterenity. The man said, "I want to recieve the Melchezidek Priesthood, and the wife said, "I want to follow in the foot-steps of my husband." one word............GOLDEN!!! The spirit was there fo sho. haha

The last experience happened on saturday, and was pretty rough. We had four teaches planned for the day. Everything was planned around these teaches, so we were pretty busy. However I want to share what happened during the second teach of the day. We went to a DA in a potential's home for lunch, and a lesson. He was very nice on the street, and when we came into his home he was nice. We talked a little bit, and sat down to eat. He asked the question, "Why don't you believe in the Koran?" My companion said kind of an indirect answer, but didn't really answer the question. The mantle was on me. I felt like Jake Heaps, fourth quarter against the Utes haha except doing good. anyways, I said bodly but with love,"We know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God." From there things went down hill... He went on calling us servants of the Devil, saying how the reason we feel good inside is because we are "good servants of him." I tried to contain myself. He asked how could you know such a thing? I looked him in the eye, and said with all my heart, "Through personal experience, and personal revelation I know that He lives. I don't dare to deny what I know. I know you can know too." Then he changed the subject to how arrogant I am, and I was just like whatever. I just tried to love him, and we left.

I have been reflecting on that experience for the last little while. I was a little down trodden, but as I turned to the Lord He comforted me. Sometimes it's not easy saying those kinds of things to people, however they have to be said. We can't be casual about our beliefs. It is very important to respect other peoples' religions, and not try and find fault with them. However when we teach, we teach in the attitude of this is what happened, and this is why it happened. There is no other way. We do it with love, but nevertheless we do it.

I was so happy to here about the house mommy. It sounds like you've been busy with everything. I remember your Disney Christmas Fireplace thing, and I also remember Mike shaking his head everytime it was put on haha. I haven't recieved any letters from him by the way! Tell him He is not getting anymore finnish stuff until I get a letter haha. Not an email, a letter. By the way, I have more for him.

I remember dad when we went to Virgina. When I'm riding my bike I sometimes think about when we went camping, or hunting (illegally) or all of the fun stuff we went to do. I miss those days so much, but it's all good. They'll come again.

I miss you both so much. Today is my Fifth month in Finland, and no....... I am not fluent haha. But someday......... I hope soon.



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