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Elder William Neldon Perry
Finland Helsinki Mission

Neitsytpolku 3 A 4 FI
00140 Helsinki

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Serving from
March 2011 to March 2013

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hello there,

It was pretty funny talking to you on the phone mom haha. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth or something, and I heard my companion answer the phone in finnish and then just start laughing. I assumed it was you guys haha. Mom don't worry about a little sin. Remember, "Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die and it shall be well with us... and ya know if it so be that we are found with a little sin, god will beat us with a few stripes, and we shall be saved!" That was a joke... haha NERD (me not you). But it was so good to hear your voice. I couldn't get to sleep I was so excited.. well that and my companion was listening to David Archaletta (with the mormon tabernacle choir) or whatever his name is until you called, so I was hearing Joy to the world all night in my mind! David really speaks to me... His voice is as the voice of a butterfly flying away... uh hmm (big cough)

So really nice, and I am so excited to talk to you both on Sunday! I just need to know if I'm getting one phone call or two, and I will be checking my email after tuesday to hear this response. If you both are calling then Phone calls can start after three my time. So if one of you wanted to call at like 3 or 4, and then the other at 4 or 5 that would be great. I do want to stay as close to the white handbook as possible. President said, 30 to 40 minutes so that means 40 haha. This is a letter of the law situation!! So dad make it happen! What am I paying you for!? haha jokes..

Anyways I guess I'll start by my experience leaving Joensuu. I must say that it was one of the hardest days but also happiest days of my life. Sister T drove me and Elder Rogers and his new companion to the train station. As we were pulling my bags out of the car, my big sister N came walking up!! It was a huge suprise to me! She said I wanted to say goodbye haha. Then we all pulled my bike and bags to the dock, and the H Family were there (some more members of the ward). Sister H made me some cookies. We got my bags situated, and I took pictures with my sister, and Sister T. Sister T is like my Finnish mom. She calls me her son haha. As the train was leaving, everyone waived goodby, and started walking away, but not Sister T. She stayed, and I noticed. I put my hand in the shape of a heart, and then pointed at her, I love you. I will never forget the look on her face, the thought of the love in her eyes brings tears to my eyes.

I can't in words describe how much I love that city and those people. I didn't know what love was until I came on a mission. Of course I loved people, but I didn't know how important it is in life. Pain comes to my heart thinking about never being able to see them again. It is so real. However I know I'll see them again. Someday, I prayed, and I continue to pray that someday I can just see them again. However I thanked my Heavenly Father on the train for the blessings I recieved in Joensuu. I learned, and grew so much in that city. Sure maybe I had to give up Jen, or family for a short time, or a job, or postpone college or other things... But I can't tell you how much I love and miss those People. Had I not come on a mission, I don't even want to go there. My life, and who I am as a person would not be the same.

I felt Heavenly Fathers love sink into my heart as the Spirit whispered to me, You did all that Your Heavenly Father sent you to do in Joensuu. I know that even though that chapter of my mission in Joensuu is over, my work is not done here.

Now on a more up beat note haha. Kouvola is so great! In fact Elder Larsen and I are best friends haha. I'm not sure how but everything is so perfect! Everything is just hilarious. We have fun doing everything together in the work! Study, Finding, teaching, playing the guitar at the ward christmas party in front of all the members haha. I'll tell you more about that on Sunday haha. We have really been trying to work our hardest and leaving the rest up to the Lord. I testify that this principle is true. When we work, and pray, and have theeeee funnest time ever!! THe Lord will show forth His hand, and miracles will happen. Today is the first day of the change, and last week we found two new investigators!! It is going forward, and nothing will stop it! We live life, make mistakes, and try not to look like an idiot in front of the ward on your first day, and everything goes well.

We have zone conference on the 23rd down in Helsinki, and I believe I will get my package then from you Daddy. I can't really decide what to buy with my christmas money... I'll probably just save it until I come across something cool. Like today when I go shopping haha! I need this Justin Bieber T shirt!!! It's sooo me!
well I love you both, and I will talk with you in a couple days to arrange everything... I mean... read your words........ and stuff..

k bye

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